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Man reunites with a flight attendant he met 15 years ago, but now as his co-worker

(Xu and Fang in 2004 and in 2019. Photo from Weibo)
Xu was only a five-year-old boy when having his first flight when he met Fang, a flight attendant who was working on the same flight — and with request of a boy, they took a photo together.

15 years later, it would be that same photo that reunites the same person, but this time as co-worker.

"I was taking my first flight in 2004 and my family was flying from Pudong to Sanya for a holiday. As a memento, my mother took a photo of me with an air stewardess (Fang), after we had gotten her permission." Xu said as reported by Beijing Youth Daily.

Xu is a third-year student at the Civil Aviation Flight and pursue a career as a flight attendant after his studies as he is in his way for internship.

"Our team leader approached me the next day and asked if I would like to meet the lady in the photo." Xu said.

"We both felt awkward at that time, but she remembers me. I was a chubby kid and she liked me, which was why she made an exception to take a photo with me," Xu added.

The airline has assigned Fang to mentor Xu as both of them recreated the photo together and noting Fang looks she doesn't age after 15 years.


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