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Now Telecom granted extension to operate as the 4th Telco in the niche market of the Philippines

NOW Telecom Co. Inc. claimed that it is gearing up to deliver mobile services in the Philippines. This is after the company granted an extension of its license to operate cellular networks, reported by Business Mirror.

NOW Telecom has upgraded its cellular mobile telephony system (CMTS) by adding the authority to operate a nationwide wireless communications network according to Now Telecom President Rodolfo P. Pantoja.

Though the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) of the Philippines believes that it can only provide such services in specific markets.

Now Telecom may find it hard to compete in the mobile industry, it is currently dominated by Smart and Globe, and the appearance of Dito Telecommunity according to Edgardo V. Cabarios, NTC deputy commissioner.

Now Telecom said that it plans to offer 5G wireless broadband services in the Philippines for homes and firms. The company signs a memorandum of understanding with the Philippine Fiber Optic Cable Network Ltd. for the placement of fiber-optic backbone.


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