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OFWs to pay PhilHealth premium that costs 2.75 percent of OFWs salary

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) will soon pay their PhilHealth premium that will be based on their starting salary. The premium will cost 2.75 percent of the salary of OFWs starting this year, reported by Stated of the Nation.

The PhilHealth premium will also hike from 2.75 percent to 5 percent by 2024, employers of land-based OFWs will have no share in this amount. Currently, OFWs pay a fixed rate P2,400 for PhilHealth premium for the entire year.

The PhilHealth premium is surely a hefty price to pay to anyone just to secure a job abroad as Blas F. Ople Policy Center blast against the implementation of this hike for OFWs.

“Kumakain pa rin ‘yun sa pera sana na maipapadala na nila sa pamilya nila. And ‘yung isang concern namin, sa tingin ko malubha rin ‘yung sakit ng PhilHealth sa corruption e. Gamutin muna nila ‘yung sakit nila,” said by Susan Ople, president of the policy center.

According to PhilHealth President and Chief Executive Officer Ricardo Morale, the range of services for OFWs will also going to increase.


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