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Pizza Hut in Taiwan unleashed its version of pearl milk tea pizza

Pearl milk tea is popularly known in the world as a drink, but not in Taiwan. The pearl milk tea pizza frenzy in Taiwan has been a competition as Pizza Hut released ita own version of the wonder pizza.

This is the answer of Pizza Hut after Domino's pizza has its own brown sugar pearl  milk tea pizza.

Pizza Hut called it the "QQ Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea Pizza" and it consists of the usual pizza crust, shredded mozzarella cheese. Added are brown sugar tapioca pearls and a milk tea sauce which is made from made from sweet Ceylon Black Milk Tea.

One large pizza costs NT$329 as local Taiwanese go craze about their pearl milk tea pizza in Taiwan market.

The popular drink in the world today has also transformed as food which includes pearl tea pancakes, pearl milk ice cream cones, and pearl milk pudding.


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