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Poll: Taiwanese people lacks in sense of humor compared to other countries

Taiwanese generally do not consider themselves very humorous which lacks to their personality according to a poll released at National Taiwan Normal University citing surveys conducted over several years.

While Taiwanese people who are prone to sarcasm have been found to have inferior brain efficiency.

The Ministry of Science and Technology in Taipei shared a research on cultural and gender differences in humor based on quantified questionnaires and functional magnetic resonance imaging data that has been accumulated over the past five years.

The research was made by Chen Hsueh-chih, College of Education dean, he started studying humor and its related effects more than 20 years ago due to a desire to improve his own sense of humor.

The poll ranked Taiwanese in 17th in terms of benign humor and 16th in the category of hurtful humor. Benign humor tends to be beneficial to physical and mental health, while hurtful humor has the opposite effect, according to the professor.

The survey has 7,226 valid responses from people in the 25 countries and territories, including estimated 500 in Taiwan.


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