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Recruitment agencies to Taiwan start posting NT$23,800 as basic salary

Several recruitment agencies in the Philippines have started to post a basic salary of NT$23,800 an increase of NT$700 from the current NT$23,100.

Last August 2019, different groups together with Taiwan's Ministry of Labor agreed to raise the minimum basic salary together with the raise of hourly minimum wage from NT$150 to NT$158.

In accordance with the Labor Standards Act, foreign workers in Taiwan will receive the pay raise starting January 1, 2020. Job posts mentioning a NT$23,800 means the deployment as OFW in Taiwan will start by January 2020.

Once the new pay hike goes into effect, 2.31 million laborers, including 1.36 million Taiwanese workers, 430,000 foreign migrant workers and 520,000 part-time workers, are expected to benefit. (Photo: Businessworld)


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  1. Merun pabang work na NASA age na ng 45? 11 years work b4 sa korea


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