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Scammers, gold fraud targets Filipino migrant workers in Taiwan

There have been named as scammer groups targeting the Philippine-based migrant workers who have been involved in scam gold fraud, in a report by Mirrormedia.

There were Taiwanese that are involved in the fraud, they use to make loans for two months and the interest rate increases or doubled it.

One of the victims told reporters that the leaders of the three major groups – Totugn Jevy A Redidon, Vivian Catapang, and Liezl Corderom – previously operated as illegal remittance companies and would often post information about financial investment opportunities with interest as high as 50 percent. She added that most of the fraudsters worked as caregivers, so they had more free time to contact targets via social media. They then contact each other by private communication online, reported by Taiwan News.

They will give sweet words for their victim to fall through. When the investment amount becomes larger, scam comes in and instant profit for them.

The Philippine gold scam group is reported to have three groups and they target Filipinos. These three gold fraud groups use Facebook to show off their wealth, claiming to have jewelry, branded watches, and boutique sales.

According to the deputy head of the investigation team of the Fifth Branch of Taichung City, it pointed out that the suspect used the underground exchange channel to attract gold fraud. The police have located a Taiwanese woman suspect surnamed Chung and others.


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