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Student in Taiwan sentenced to 15-year prison for picking up drug package in behalf of another man

A college student in Taiwan was sentenced to a 15 years and two months prison term with his case of picking up a package of heroin on behalf of another man in Taichung City.

According to reports, the student surnamed Lin met a man surnamed Chen at a nightclub in Taichung City two years ago. Realizing that Lin is short of money, Chen offered him an easy way of earning cash by obtaining mobile phones from telecommunications companies on Chen’s behalf. 

Chen offered Lin a sum of NT$150,000 to pick up a package from the management office of a residential building in Taichung City.

Without knowing, the package that he will obtain contained 13 kilograms of heroin, that had been under strict monitoring of customs officers at the Taipei Taoyuan International Airport. 

Plotting an ambush, police investigators had allowed the package to be forwarded to its destination which is the residential building where Lin will pick it up. Police made and ambush and arrest Lin.

The drugs had originated in Thailand, and had entered the country hidden in latex pillows. According to Lin, he didn't know that the package contained drugs.

Police also arrested Chen and was sentenced to a prison term of 16 years and 6 months while Lin was sentenced to a term of 15 years and 2 months by the Taichung District Court last November 18.


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