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Tainan expected to suffer the worst flooding in Taiwan due to climate change

On all of the regions in Taiwan, Tainan is expected to suffer the worst flooding together with the coastal areas of southwestern Taiwan due to climate change.

The statement is according to the report of environmental protection group released by Greenpeace East Asia. It is estimated that flooding caused by a rise in sea levels if the world do not reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Over the past 100 years, the average land surface temperature rose about 1.3 degrees Celsius in Taiwan and has continued rising in recent years according to energy project manager of Greenpeace East Asia.

Over 1.2 million people in Taiwan, with up to 1,398 square kilometers in the country, which includes the 310 square kilometers in Tainan will be affected if global warming cannot be contained.

Greenpeace East Asia hopes that the winner of presidential election will come up with sustainable energy policy to cope with global warming and climate change.


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