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Taiwan coast guards arrested illegal broker and undocumented migrant workers in Yunlin

Taiwan Coast Guard officers arrested seven undocumented migrant workers and someone who is a illegal broker, reported by Central News Agency.

The undocumented migrant workers are from Indonesia while the brokwr is a Taiwanese man surnamed Wu which were arrested in Yuanchang Township in Yunlin County.

The illegal broker was driving the group to a building site when they were arrested. The undocument migrant workers were forwarded to National Immigration Agency for deportation.

The group of five individuals are belived who had absconded from work on fishing boats, they were aged 25-35 yrs old as theywere missing for about a maximum of three years.

Local CGA and NIA authorities recieved a tip that the illegal broker is driving the undocumented migrant workers that lead to their arrest. (Photo from CNA)


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