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Taiwan Railways reveals look of the new 600 train wagons ordered from Japan

Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) reveals the design and look of the new 600 train wagons ordered from Japan, reported by several Taiwanese media.

The new car design was announced  on Nov 30 ag Hualien Railway Station. The body is black and white with a minimalist style and the interior seats are also black and white.  

Priority for the new cars will be given to Huadong Line or the east coast lone which is expected to ride along by 2021.

Japanese business designer presented the design concept, exposing for the first time the appearance of the front, body, general seats and business seats.  Black and white gray is the main color system, showing the simple design aesthetics.

TRA official pointed out that the speed of the new train is the same as that of Puyuma and Taroko. The capacity can be increased by about 39% and 130 seats. 

Zhu Laishun stated that 600 intercity trains are expected to be delivered one by one by the end of 2020 and will be assembled in Hualien Port. ( Photos from Apple Daily)


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