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Taiwanese 2 year old boy dies after falling off a bridge in a Aowanda Recreation Forest in Nantou

The pewcefule scenic spot of Aowanda Forest Recreation Area in Renai Township, Nantou County was shocked when a 2-year-old boy falls off a bridge in the park.

The firefighters said that the boy had no signs of life when they arrived, and they sent the parent to the hospital since they collapce after the incident.

The Nantou County Fire Department said that  they immediately recieved the report was received and were dispatched to the rescue. 

The boy was found in the river bed under the bridge. He was sent to the hospital immediately after first aid, but he was still declared dead.

A firefighter of the Renai team said that the boy had no signs of life when he was present, and there were no injuries to his limbs, only the left back of his head continued to bleed.

The officers advised the public and parents to always look for children specially when they are located above ground floors to avoid such accidents.


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