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Taiwanese teen became colorblind after spending too much time using her smartphone

A teenage girl from Kaohsiung, surnamed Liu, became color blind due to its excessive use of her phone, Liberty Times reported. It is the brightness of her smartphone that cause her to be colorblind.

Her continuous exposure to blue light on the smartphone damaged some cells in her eyes that led to "red-green color blindness" according to Dr. Hung Chi-ting.

According to the report, Liu spent more than 10 hours a day on her smartphone and she often used her phone in the dark as the doctor said “"It's the first case in the world."

"I didn't know the light was red. A relative, who pulled me back when I intended to cross the street, asked me why I was recklessly crossing the street at a red light," Liu said.

Fortunately, the teenage girl started her medical treatment at an early-phase that she has recovered completely from her condition. The doctor advised to use only the smartphone less than 5hours a day and within 30mins interval.


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