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Taiwan's first frost of the season seen in Yushan, snow to follow?

The weather in Taiwan is gradually turning cold as Yushan's rods and trails are frosted today according to Central Weather Bureau.

Yushan National Park is 2610 meters above sea level, which is the highest point of a highway in the country. Yushan officials urges tourists and visitors to drive and walk carefully.

It is also forecast that another northeasterly wind is forecast to arrive on Monday afternoon in Taiwan.

Morning temperature in the area is at 5 degrees Celcius while the ground temperature in the early morning has dropped to zero.  

Early morning next to the hiking trail have enountered frosting, the plants are covered with snow white coats to show the winter atmosphere.

Meanwhile, snow only forms when the atmospheric temperature is at or below freezing (0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit) and there is a minimum amount of moisture in the air. (Photo CWB)


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