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Taiwan’s first homegrown self-driving vehicle starts trial run; it is called Taiwan No. 0001

Taiwan's first homegrown autonomous self-driving vehicle has been permissible and have its trial run on an open road in the Nanliao Fishing Port area in Hsinchu, Taiwan, according to government-funded Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).

The vehicle is called Taiwan No. 0001 and already passed 64 kinds of tests at a closed-field laboratory in southern Taiwan. The vehicle was developed by the Mechanical and Mechatronics Systems Research Laboratories (MMSRL) which is under ITRI.

The vehicle had accumulated 2,000 kilometers of driving at an ITRI campus according to a MMSRL executive.

The vehicle is equipped with four LiDARs, three radars, eight cameras, two industrial PCs and Nvidia's Drive-PX2 platform and adopts a hybrid power system.

It will be allowed to drive in the designated area within specific time on weekdays and weekends, without traffic control and for a period of one year, the operation is based on a contract signed between ITRI and Hsinchu City Government.


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