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Tea brand in Taiwan has a challenge to drink 5-liters of bubble milk tea and earn cash

Tea shop Zhen Yi Po (珍一波) which is located in Hsinchu City is selling a delicious 5-liter pearl milk tea jug or a "Family-sized Pearl Milk Tea". 1 jug costs NT$500 good for 4-5 persons.

On its facebook page, the brand challenge its customers who can finish the drink in 30 minutes. The challenge is limited to one male winner and two female winners. 

In addition, those who upload photos of themselves drinking the monster drinks in one sitting on Zhen Yi Po's social media pages will receive a special gift and one free beverage of their choice.

Winner who finished the challenge will not pay for the drink and will receive an extra NT$500.

Zhen Yi Po (珍一波) Is located at No 121 Zhongshan Rd, North District, Hsinchu City, 300


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