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Taiwanese woman found her boyfriend to have a “third testicle” turns out to be a tumor

A couple in Taiwan are excitedly getting it on when the woman discovered that her boyfriend had a third “testicle” that turns out to be a tumor.

During checkup, the doctor simply told the couple that they had to cut it off. According to the doctor, the growth had not caused him pain or itch that is why the patient didn't notice it at all.

During diagnosis, the doctor discovered an egg-shaped bump bulging from the right side of the man's scrotum which is just above the testicle, it is also had the same tissue elasticity of a regular testicle as the three “testes” were aligned diagonally.

The excess scrotal tissue was actually a solid cyst revealed by the doctor and was able to be safely extract the tumor measuring 5cm and later confirmed that it was a pseudo-tumor.

The tumor caused by trauma to the lower body or inflammation of the scrotum as doctor advised men to check them regularly and seek for treatment if found unnecessary. Taiwan Urology Association currently studying this case.


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