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Toddler falls on chopstick; punctured the mouth going to the brain

A toddler in Wuhan, China, was rushed to the hospital after falling on a chopstick which punctured her mouth going to the brain according to report from Sin Chew Daily.

The toddler was only 17 months old and had just learnt how to walk. The toddler walked around with chopstick on hand while her parents fed her, then suddenly fell face first piecing her mouth going to the brain.

This caused the toddler to scream loudly as she was immediately rushed to the hospital. The hospital perform CT scan as 2cm of the chopstick had punctured her cerebellum.

The hospital arrange a surgery, the chopstick also pierced through her internal jugular vein. The toddler is now undergoing treatment.

Doctors advised and remind everyone to be watchful eye over children during mealtimes and prevent them from walking while eating.


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