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Job Hiring: Evergreen Sky Catering in Taiwan direct hiring food processing factory workers

Company: Evergreen Sky Catering Corporation
Location: Taoyuan, Taiwan
Products: Food Processing
Job Positions: Factory Workers

Check below job ad :

About Evergreen Sky Catering:

Evergreen Sky Catering Corporation designed and built its "Unit II", which can serve up to 70,000 airline meals per day, based on solid experiences accumulated over 20 years from "Unit I" and by combining the top professional technical teams all over the world. 

The three core concepts of the design and operation of the Unit II are: integrating the automation of equipment, machinery and systems, planning the one-stop process of three-dimensional space in combination with operation flow, and ensuring the ultimate purification of waste treatment that meets eco-friendly requirements. 

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  1. It's allowed to apply in your company even from the Philippines?


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