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PTI holds direct recruitment event for Filipinos in Taiwan

Powertech Technology Inc (PTI) will hold a domestic recruitment of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) directly in Taiwan until October 2, 2019.

According to PTI, the event is held according to the government policy that the company could make direct hiring to those contract expired workers in TAIWAN. 

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. Male and Female that are currently working in Taiwan
2. Current contract must expire between December 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020
3. Must be English proficient
4. At least 2year Vocational Graduate or College Graduate

To apply, applicant must register one's resume online in advance. Follow and apply these 2 steps, copy link address on your browser:

1. Create an account:

2. After creating an account, enter below URL and click APPLY 

Deadline of application will be on October 20, 2020. PTI will invite suitable candidates to our event by email before 9/11. PTI also our zero fee policy. The monthly services fee paying to the agency will be accounted by PTI, if you are the employee of PTI.

Founded in 1997, Powertech Technology Inc. (PTI) is one of the the world's leading provider for IC backend services. The services cover IC chip probing, packaging, final testing and burn in to end products with drop shipments to worldwide end customers. PTI has more than 15,000 employees in the world on its world-class manufacturing plants.

Taipei Bans Smoking On Convenience Stores And Covered Walkways

Taipei bans smoking on public places on covered walkways outside several convenience store and coffee shop chains according to the city's Department of Health, reported by Central News Agency.

Stores included in the ban of smoking are: 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, Hi-Life, OK Mart, Simple Mart, Starbucks, 85°C Bakery Cafe, Louisa Coffee, Mr. Brown Café, Dante Coffee, Ikari Coffee, Barista Coffee, Cama Café, Crown & Fancy, and Peter Better Café.

Anyone caught smoking on these covered walkways in front of the mentioned shops will be subject to fines in between NT$2,000 and NT$10,000.

The rule will not apply to open sidewalks or areas outside of the stores or outside of stores on the second floor of a building.

Taiwan considering a 3-year visa free treatment for Filipinos

The annual review of Taiwan in its current visa-free treatment to tourists from four countries which includes Philippines might be extended to a three-year evaluation instead of one year, reported by Central News Agency.

This is part of government efforts to boost Taiwan's tourism industry. China's ban on tourists to Taiwan already took effect expected to have a negative approach on local tourism.

Taiwan government is considering extending the period to three years from the current one year. Apart from Philippines, nation of Thailand, Brunei and Russia also part of re-considerations.

By having a three-year visa free treatment, it will enable travel agencies to organize group tours. Taiwan will monitor and asses all activities from the four countries and will review the 3-year proposal once it will end next year of July 2020.

Filipinos visits Taiwan anytime of the year which enjoys spots like Taipei 101, Ximending, Night Markets, museums and memorial halls and also looking at tourists spots at central and southern Taiwan.

Apart from Filipino tourists, family and friends of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) enjoys the visa treatment to visit them while working in Taiwan.


Scientists Unveiled Contact Lens That Zooms By Blinking Twice

Reports revealed that scientists have created a robotic soft contact lens that let you zoom and control it by just blinking twice. The invention was made by scientists from University of California in San Diego.

The report also added that you can control the whole lens by just eye movement. The scientists measured the electrical impulse and found a way to use it to change the focal length of the lens.

“The human eyeball is electric – there is a steady electrical potential between its front and back, even when your eyes are closed or in total darkness. When you move your eyes to look around or blink, the motion of the electrical potential can be measured.” according to lead researcher Shengqiang Cai.

“Even if your eye cannot see anything, many people can still move their eyeball and generate this electro-oculographic signal.” added by the lead researcher.

The study claims that due to the soft materials used in the lens, virtual changes in the focal length can be as large as 32% which can be changed by deforming the lens. The scientists used dielectric elastomer to achieve the essential deformation.

The scientists added that in the future, this lens can be used for visual prostheses, adjustable glasses and remotely operated robotics.

How about using it as a superspy?

Philippines as the only ASEAN country that meets full standards against human trafficking

The Philippines is the only ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) country that ranked Tier 1 in the U.S. Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report for the year 2019.

Ranking at Tier1 means the Philippines fully meets the standards of eradicating or eliminating human trafficking under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA).

The Tier1 ranking given to the Philippines has its 4 years in a row since 2016 and still the only nation in Southeast Asia placed in higher rankings.

The achievement is credited to the shared effort of government agencies that investigates and prosecutes human traffickers. The agencies also on the look of migrant workers from cross-border trafficking and illegal recruitment.

Philippines is known for its Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) that scattered all over the world. With such huge number of OFW, battling human trafficking is a serious act to provide but still managed to do it.

Patay ang isang Pinay OFW sa Taiwan pagkatapos matapunan ng hydroflouric acid

Si Desirie Castro Tagubasi, kilala bilang 'Des' na tubong Isabela ay namatay habang nasa Intesive Care Unit (ICU) sa isang hospital sa Taipei, ang ikinamatay nito ay dahil sa severe burn na natamo niya ng mabuhusan siya ng poisonous na hydroflouric acid.

Nagtatrabaho si Des sa kumpanyang Tyntek Corporation, isang optoelectronics company sa Miaoli County sa Taiwan. Kahit na maraming hospital sa Miaoli, mas piniling dalhin ang biktima sa Taipei dahil nandoon ang tamang kagamitan para sa treatment ng hydroflouric acid.

Ang hydroflouric acid ay isang kemikal na ginagamit sa paglilinis ng mga electronic materials o mga boards. Isa itong nakakalasong kemikal na kayang sumira sa mga tissues sa katawan kapag ito ay napunta sa balat o nainom. Ang pagexpose sa acid na ito ay lubos na nakakaapekto sa mga internal organs.

Ayon sa kumpanya, nakasuot naman si Des ng tamang protective apron pero nung tumalikod siya ay natamaan nito ang lalagyanan at natapunan ang kanyang kanang binti na nagdulot ng severe burns.

May gagawing investigation ang health and safety department ng local government dahil sa naturang aksidente.

Nakagawa na rin ng police statement ang kanyang kapatid at kasalukuyang tinutulungan ng MECO Taichung para makahanap ng abogado para sa kasong occupational accident.


Drunk Bicycle Driving In Taiwan Subject For Fine And Penalty

Anyone caught riding a bicycle, electric bike or tricycle under the influence of alcohol in Taiwan or literally drunk driving may subject for a fine of NT$600-NT$1,200 for first offense.

If caught, officers will make use of a breathalyzer test to check alcohol level in the offenders body, refusing for such test will be fines NT$2,400 according to the National Police Agency of Taiwan.

The penalizing of such drunk bicycle driving is under the Taiwan’s Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act.

In the said act passengers of may also penalized to anyone riding with a drunk driver. Refusing to stop in a checkpoint or refusing to stop when called can also be penalized.

In the data of National Police Agency statistics between 2014-2018, there were 341,448 drivers in Taiwan that are caught with drunk driving offenses.

Recruitment of Filipinos via 3rd country is illegal and unathorized by POEA

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) always issue warning to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) who are already employed in foreign posts but are being targeted by illegal recruiter or those criminal syndicates to move to other areas.

OFWs who are presently employed urged to be more careful about accepting offers of employment in another country. ko

There are several reports that after leaving their previous employer to accept another job for the 3rd country. Recruiters promised for a better job and good pay in other country specifically in Europe and Western countries.

Third-country recruitment is illegal because the recruiter and the employer have no license to recruit Filipino workers because they do not have any authority from the POEA. 

Most probably, the conditions of employment are not what one had in mind; worse, the offered job does not really exist. Labor authorities have warned lots of jobseekers against falling prey to illegal recruiters from a third country.

The victims of the illegal recruiters learned that the promised jobs are either did not pay well, came with poor work conditions, sudden contract termination, suffer abuse from the employer or worse a job that doesn't exist at all.

According to reports, the recruiters  from a third country are accomoanied with Filipino co-conspirators. Lacking legal protection because they are undocumented workers made by illegal recruiters and the victims end up being deported.

Recruiting jobseekers from a third country is considered a form of illegal recruitment if the recruiter or employer has no prior authorization for that operation from the Philippine government.

For the sake of own protection, applicants for jobs in foreign countries should get the proper work permit, visa or employment contract must be approved by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) and processed by the POEA.

911 TESDA: Grab- Like Function That Pay For Services From TESDA Graduates

911 TESDA will get you services from Technical Education and Skill Development (TESDA) graduates like hair dresser, masseur, housekeeper, mechanic, cook, bartending and many other in just few clicks on your mobile phone.

Initially the 911 TESDA is web based and soon to have smartphone application. It is basically like the app from UBER or GRAB, but instead of car rides, the customer would ask for service from TESDA graduates.

This hailing services will help the TESDA graduates to find employment of livelihood opportunities as TESDA emphasizes its mandate to give education and training.

Seven digital online service providers signed partnership with TESDA for the app. There were at least 42,000 needing the services of TESDA graduates in NCR according to TESDA.

For example, if someone needs a hair dresser, the digital online service providers will look of the nearest hair dresser TESDA graduate around the area and notify its location.

Currently the application already launched in NCR, and will soon expand when it deemed to be successful. Click here to enter 911 TESDA.


President Duterte Pledged Its Support To The Philippine Athletes In SEA Games

Philippines will host the 30th Southeast Asian Games (SEAG) as President Rodrigo Duterte shows his support to the Philippine athletes and to the event. The SEA games will give an opportunity to the country to showcase the image of the country as lively and competitive.

"It means a lot to feel and see the government’s care for sports." Butch Ramirez said, chairman of Philippine Sports Commission. While Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea told the athletes "He is behind you para sa (for the) SEAG,".

A total of P6billion budget was released for the SEA game event though still short from the proposed P7.5billion budget.

“We are very much encouraged by the support of the President and the Cabinet. During the Cabinet briefing, we committed to have the best viewed and best hosted SEA Games,” according to Alan Peter Cayetano, chairman of Philippine Southeast Asian Games Organizing Committee.

The 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines will feature a total of 56 sports and 523 events, those numbers makes it as the biggest edition in the history of the tournament. It the fourth time that Philippines will host the biennial tournament.

The Southeast Asian Games consist of 11 participating countries which are Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Timor Leste, Thailand, Vietnam and the host, Philippines.


Foreign Nationals In Taiwan May Start Getting Hiking Permits For Xueshan Mountain Or Snow Mountain

Foreign nationals in Taiwan who are planning to experience the snow-capped mountain ranges of Xueshan Mountain Range this coming winter can begin to apply in advance for a hiking permit starting September, announced by Central News Agency.

Xueshan Mountain or the Snow Mountain is the second highest peak in Taiwan behind Yushan or Jade Mountain. The main peak of Xueshan stands at 3886m and has amazing views of the Sheipa National Park and its nearby mountains.

In the new rules in hiking Xueshan, hiking permits can only be applied one month prior to visiting the area. 

According to the park management, this would allow hikers to have more time for preparation and plan proper itineraries for Xueshan, the trekking is a part of Shei-Pa National Park. 

Trekking Xueshan is a good two day hike from the trail head to the summit. Xueshan is located on the boundary of Miaoli and Taichung. According to hikers, Xueshan is tougher to climb than the highest peak of Jade Mountain.

Foreign nationals who are interested in hiking Xueshan can fill out an online application form via the “Online Application for Taiwan National Park Permits” or click here.

Refresh Over The Summer Heat At The Dali Art Plaza Water Theme Park In Taichung

Grasp the last tail of the summer at the "Dali Art Plaza" on its limited time offer water theme park during the summer. There are 360-degree rotating water slides, bubble parties, and water cushions that make everyone enjoy the water park.

Dali Art Water Park will last until September 30. The water park has water bombs, safe waterslides and 360-degree rotating water slides,  also included are variety of swimming rings, water cushions and water guns. 

There are different themed events every weekend. Officials of the water paek arranged a shark dinosaur interactive parade, a summer water party market, a carnival bubble party, a romance theme show all happening every other weekend.

Ticket prices per adult are NT$150 during weekdays and NT$200 on weekends. The water paek is open daily from 11:00am to 08:00pm on weekdays and 10:00am to 09:00pm on weekends.

The Dali Art Water Park (Dali Art親水潮樂園) is located at the Dali Plaza located at No. 1號, Keji Road, Dali District, Taichung City, 41267. The water park is open only until September 30 as summer in Taiwan near its end.


Liphao Land In Taichung Offers Ticket Discounts To All ARC Holders In Taiwan

Liphao Land has special promotion and offer to all foreign residents, migrant workers or foreign workers in Taiwan. The park offers everything from facilities, thrill rides and go-kart racing, a water park, a mall and even a five-star hotel.

Liphao land is not just an entertainment park, it has high rating for both local and tourists. Show the Alien Resident Card (ARC) upon ticket purchase and you will be entitled with the promo as follows:

1. Entrance to one park either Theme Park or Water Park for NT$490 (Original price at NT$900)

2. Add NT$200 and you may enter both the Theme Park and Water Park

3. Experience the beautiful scenery at Sky Dream for only NT$200 (original price NT$350), it is the tallest ferris wheel in Taiwan

Discounts will be given for non-Taiwanese and to those who are ARC holder. Companions, friends or family of the ARC holder may get same discounts maximum of two (2) persons. Promo lasts until the end of 2019.

Liphao Land is located at No. 8, Furong Road, Houli District, Taichung City, 42145. To get there, ride train going Houli Train Station and from there grab a taxi gling straight to Liphao Land.


Boy Takes Photo Of Mother To The Highest Mountain In Taiwan To Fulfill His Promise

Zhou Ze-gang, a 8-year old boy from Yilan County in Taiwan fulfilled a promise he made to her mother before she passed away due to an illness. The promise? climbing Mt. Yushan, the highest mountain in Taiwan (3,952 meters above sea level), as reported by Central News Agency.

When his mother Chang Lan-qi told him about Mt. Yushan, he has high hope that one day his mother would  take him to its peak.

However, the boy’s mother told him, “I had surgery in my foot, and couldn’t go hiking. After you grow up and have an opportunity to climb Yushan, take a photo of me to the top of the mountain,” and the boy signify his agreement and as a promise, according to CNA.

The sad news is the boy’s mother died due to illness, but he always remember the promise he made to his mother and would ask his father, “Mommy has been in Heaven. Yushan is so high, and if I go to the top of the mountain, maybe I’ll be closer to Mommy,”

According to the father, he was very moved and he decided to help the child to its dream, he train him for physical strength and apply continuously to queue up for Yushan and finally granted to go up.

During their hike to the summit, the boy suffered from altitude sickness which is life threatening, as his father tell him to give up the trek and come back some other time, but the boy insisted and continue trekking.

Upon reaching the summit he said “Mommy, here I come, closer to you in Heaven. How are you?" eight-year-old said that at Taiwan's highest peak while holding the beautiful photos of his mother.

Hiking the highest peak in Taiwan is indeed a challenge specially for a 8 year old boy but his promise and love to his mother makes him more stronger.

Savour a good afternoon snack like Fried Scallion Cake in Taiwan

Scallion cakes (Green Onion Cakes) are one of the famous street food in Taiwan, more popularly in night markets. This featured shop sells lbiscuits-like fried scallion cake. This food stall is a go to for those who want to have a afternoon snack.

The name of the store is Crispy Scallion Cake (北平李老爹脆皮蔥油餅), it is located in Wuying Road, Fengshan District, Kaohsiung City that has been in business for many years and is branches scattered around Taiwan.

Just look for its signboard, though this store in Kaohsiung is the founding store (their flagship store). Its crust is a crispy skin taste, a bit similar to a deep fried egg, the cake skin is fermented in advance and then topped with white sesame seeds.

It is fried in two different pots, first set the shape with a lower temperature and finally with high temperature to make it crispy. The white sesame seeds brings a good aroma to the fried cake. Best to have oyster sauce mixed in it.

The cook cuts on the crust and the crisp sound was so sweet.  Half size costs NT$35 yuan and one whole costs NT$65 yuan, it is a bang for the buck food. The scallion cake has a good peppery taste that makes it delicious.

The store is open from 14:00 until 19:00 which good for a afternoon snack. Just find the store sign 北平李老爹脆皮蔥油餅 at No. 301, Wuying Road, Fengshan District, Kaohsiung City (Chinese address: 高雄市鳳山區武營路301號) (Photos from Kaohsiung Food Association)

Research: Left-handed Men Are Likely To Be Gay

Having at least one older brother increase the likelihood of not being straight and left-handed men siblings are likely to be gay according to the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

The study is introduced by four researchers from the University of Toronto and one researcher from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

The research came from 800 adult gay which they study their gender orientation, gender expression and three biomarkers namely handedness, fraternal birth order and existence of non-straight relatives.

Having at least one older brother has the percentage 14.8% tends to be being gay while a high 34% who are left handed are more likely to be gay.

It is estimated that 1 out of 7 homosexual males is due to their fraternal birth order effect. The researchers also found out that gay men are likely to be gender-conforming or they hide it.

“While the majority of both heterosexual and non-heterosexual men were grouped in the profile that did not have any biomarker, the three profiles associated with a biomarker were composed primarily of non-heterosexual men,” according to the researchers.

“Together, these findings suggest there are multiple distinct bio-developmental pathways influencing same-sex sexual orientation in men.” the researchers added.

Leofoo Water Park Offers NT$199 To Those Who Are Sexy And Macho

Leofoo Water Park has rolled out its  promotion offering anyone with thin or slim waists, tickets will be priced NT$199, regular price is NT$599 per adult, must be 12 years old and above. 

The "Water Snake Day" campaign was launched at Leofoo Water Park with men nd women with thin waist can save on ticket sales. The offer already started and will run until September 15, 2019

Recently Leofoo Water Park released the 'Buddha belly’ discounts for anyone having big waistlines. Its the slim waistline turn now to have discounts. Check below pic for sample of thin or slim waists (Photos from UDN):

Though in their announcement made through a facebook post, for anyone getting the offer must meet two conditions:

(1) Waist must be thin or slim and no stomach in
(2) The zodiac must be snake, with year: 1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001

Tickets can be bought on site and the offer is applicable daily and also on holidays. For more info visit Leofoo website.


Six Cities And Counties In Taiwan Announced Suspension Of Work, Offices And Classes

Six counties now already announced suspension of offices and classes in Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingtung and Taitung, later Hualien and Wuhu also now listed.

Typhoon Bailu is accelerating at a speed of 29 kilometers per hour, moving northwest toward the southeast of Taiwan.

The southern region, Nantou, Hualien, Taitung, Hengchun Peninsula and Wuhu are expected to feel the wrath of the typhoon and the intensity will increase as the storm radius will expand.

Typhoon Bailu was packing maximum sustained winds of 100.8 kph, with gusts of up to 126 kph shows the data from Taiwanvs Weather Central Bureau and will expect a landfall un the southern most part of Taiwan.


Hiring Filipino Dairy Farm Workers For Canada (At least High School Graduate)

Dairy farming is one of the largest agricultural sectors in Canada. Dairy has a significant presence in all of the provinces and is one of the top two agricultural commodities in seven out of ten provinces. Canadian dairy farmers follow regulations to ensure biosecurity standards are maintained in the sectors of environmental protection, human health, animal health, and animal welfare.

1. Male applicants only

2. Must be 25 - 45 years of age

3. At least High School Graduate with diploma 

4. At least 5 years minimum experience in Dairy Milk Farming

5. with good communication skills in English

Recruitment Agency:
Visit and apply personally at 1st Dynamic Personnel Resources Incorpotred located at 3F, JLC Bldg, No. 8 N. Ramirez Street, Don Manuel, Quezon City, Manila

Qualified applicants may also send resume thru, you may contact the agency at 0955-402-4327.


Bus Conductor Climbs Over Passengers Ala Spider-Man To Collect Fares

Bus fares are commonly collected by bus conductors in the Philippines, looks like an easy job right? Though buses tends to be overcrowded specially during rush hour and even the aisle are occupied by standing passengers.

A photo uploaded by Rene Rivera circulating in social media showing bus conductor climbing the bus’ overhead railing, can we say the spiderman bus conductor.

The post has been shared all over social media a thousand times and counting. With most of netizens have given the conductor the monicker ‘Spider-Man’ because of how he’s able to move above the passengers and in the railings just to collect the fares. 

That is how dedicated the bus conductor to its job. The viral post of also opened a topic showing the lackluster transportation system in the Philippines. 

Even the reactions may be laugh or be amazed, there still a question of 'When we will have that good and efficient transportation system in the Philippines?'

Typhoon Bailu Slightly Shifted To Southern Taiwan

The storm radius has been expanded from 100 km to 120 km and the its path slightly shifted southwards and is constantky adjusting according to the data of Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan.

Taiwan will release an early sea and land warning to have everyone on a safety note. The data shows that Bailu will make a landfall by Saturday morning at the southeastern part of Taiwan.

The maximum wind speed near the center is 22 meters per second and is moving at a speed of 22km per hour. Rains and winds of Bailu can be feel by afternoon of friday (Aug 23).

Because the typhoon intensity is weak and the cloud system is still being integrated, the path has a shift to the south. There will be heavy rains on the 24th and scattered showers or thunderstorms in other areas.


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