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Job Hiring: Fox Automation Tech in Taiwan now hiring factory workers, machine operators

Company: Fox Automation Technology Incorporated
Location: Miaoli, Taiwan
Products: Components
Job Positions: Factory Workers, Machine Operators

Agency: Sky Bourne International Inc
Agency address: 1679 Dian St., Brgy San Isidro, Makati City

Check below job ad :

Primary Requirements:
1. Passport 
2. UMID or SSS Certification
3. Voter's ID or Voter's Certification
4. E-Registration

About Fox Automation:

Fox Automation is a member of the Hon Hai Group and is 85 percent held by semiconductor equipment supplier Foxsemicon Integrated Technology Inc.

Fox Automation ready to cope with rapidly-growing semiconductor demand from 5G, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things devices

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Job Hiring: Unimicron in Taiwan now hiring factory workers, No Placement Fee

Company: Unimicron Technology Corporation
Location: Taoyuan or Hsinchu in Taiwan
Products: Printed circuit boards
Job Positions: Factory Workers, Machine Operators

Agency: Worldwiser International Inc
Agency address: 2nd flr, Great Wall Bldg., 1624 F. Agoncillo St., Malate, Manila


Apply thru this link from Worldwiser:

About Unimicronn:

Unimicron is the world's top manufacturer of HDI substrates and has long been the leader in communications-oriented substrate fabrication.

Since the firm's full-scale entry into the automotive application market in 2008, we have been well respected around the world for our distinguished technical expertise seen in thick copper, copper inlay, semi-flex, rigid-flex, and other PCBs. 

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Zero local covid case in Taiwan led to fewer people getting vaccinated

People who have not yet been vaccinated against COVID-19 should do so as soon as possible said Taiwan Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shih-chung, who heads the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC).

The CECC is watching reports on the Omicron variant closely, especially to see if it would render vaccines less effective and reinfects people who have recovered from the virus.

Chen told the traditional Chinese medicine  forum that Taiwan’s COVID-19 situation is under control, with no new domestic cases reported in several days.

However, this has led to fewer people getting vaccinated in the past few weeks, he added.

Vaccinated people are 10 times less likely to develop severe symptoms or die, urging people who only had their first dose to get their second.

The Omicron variant, which was first reported in southern Africa and is deemed a “variant of concern” by the WHO.

Covid health insurance plan to be given to migrant workers entering Taiwan

Migrant workers arriving in Taiwan will have to be covered by a COVID-19 health insurance plan starting December 1, announced by the Ministry of Labor (MOL).

Employers of migrant workers will bear the cost of the health insurance plan, this will be a requirement before they can be allowed to enter Taiwan.

The health insurance plans, which cost just under NT$1,200 per person that will cover hospitalization fees within the 30-day period after the migrant workers' arrival in Taiwan.

MOL said that insurance companies will pay the money directly to the hospitals, up to a maximum of NT$500,000.

Employers must submit proof to the MOL that they have purchased COVID-19 health insurance for their workers before the employees are due to arrive in Taiwan.

MOL noted that employers will have to cover all insurance costs and will be prohibited from seeking reimbursement from the workers.

Violators will be subject to a fine of NT$60,000 to NT$300,000, have their hiring permits revoked, and banned from reapplying for such permits for two years.

Job Hiring: Episil-Precision Inc in Taiwan now hiring factory workers, machine operators

Company: Episil-Precision Inc
Location: Hsinchu, Taiwan
Products: Epitaxial wafers
Job Positions: Factory Workers, Machine Operators

Agency: Jopman Corporation
Agency address: 2nd flr, Pelaez Bldg., 775 JP Rizal St., Brgy Poblacion, Makati City


About AOT:

Episil-Precision Inc, formerly Precision Silicon Corporation, is a Taiwan-based company principally engaged in the research, development, manufacture and distribution of epitaxial wafers. 

The Company's major products are epitaxial wafers, which are applied in industries such as personal computer (PC), communications, automobile, electric motor and power management, among others. The Company also involves in agent processing services of epitaxial wafers. 

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Job Hiring: Advanced Optoelectronic Tech in Taiwan now hiring factory workers, machine operators


Company: Advanced Optoelectronic Technology, Inc. 

Location: Hsinchu, Taiwan

Products: LED

Job Positions: Factory Workers, Machine Operators

Agency: Jopman Corporation

Agency address: 2nd flr, Pelaez Bldg., 775 JP Rizal St., Brgy Poblacion, Makati City


For female only

About AOT:

Advanced Optoelectronic Technology, Inc. was established in Hsinchu, Taiwan in 1999 and specializes in commercialization of SMD LEDs technologies. 

AOT's purpose is to offer stable quality, preferential price, expend business size, put powerful effort in procedure to provide best competitive products for customer, and collaborate to make win-win.

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Philippines top envoy to Taiwan hopes to abolish "un-Godly" and "criminal" broker fees

Philippine Representative to Taiwan Wilfredo Fernandez hopes to abolish broker fees, placement fees to overseas Filipino workers (OFW).

OFWs needs to pay an average placement fee  of P60,000 to recruitment agencies. Filipino migrant workers coming to Taiwan have long called for the abolishment of placement fees.

“Sixty thousand pesos could mean one hectare of land in the provinces, so that those who can keep their land will have something they can build on, so that agriculture may flourish. It is only right that you just don’t make exorbitant money on the sweat of the workers. That is ungodly. That’s criminal,” Fernandez said

Fernandez, who took over as chairman and resident representative of the Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) on Sept. 1, said he would like to remove brokers entirely.

"Remove the recruitment agencies in Manila, so there will be no placement fee. Recruitment should be done on a government-to-government basis," Fernandez added.

Many Taiwanese employers opt to use recruitment agencies because of the convenience they offer.

Meanwhile, current brokerage fees in Taiwan are paid monthly that costs NT$1,800 for the first year of working in Taiwan, NT$1,700 in the second year and NT$1,500 in the final year.

Job Hiring: Pegatron in Taiwan now hiring factory workers, machine operators

Company: Pegatron Corporation
Location: Taiwan
Products: Electronic products and assembly
Job Positions: Factory Workers, Machine Operators

Agency: City Employment Center Inc
Agency address: Unit 702, 7th flr, DY International Bldg., 1011 General Malvar St., Malate, Manila


Apply online via email at:

About Pegatron:

Pegatron is the second-largest contract electronics manufacturer in Taiwan. Pegatron's total assets exceed $14 billion.

The company has a diverse product lineup, including motherboards, desktop PCs, notebooks, wireless systems, game consoles and TVs. By category, around 60% of sales come from smartphones and other communications devices.

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MECO in total effort to bring in OFWs to Taiwan

Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) said that it is making every effort to obtain Taiwan's permission for the entry of migrant workers from its country.

"No effort is spared to hasten the reopening of Taiwan's door to Filipino workers," MECO said.

The requirements set by Taiwan's government for the return of Filipino migrant workers have been forwarded to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) in Manila, according to MECO.

Its statements came after opening its borders again to Indonesian migrant workers with immediate effect, while negotiations were underway with the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

The requirements include accreditation of COVID-19 testing centers in Manila, several rounds of negative COVID-19 tests prior to employment in Taiwan, and designation of quarantine facilities.

"We know how difficult it is for those stranded in the Philippines," Cesar Chavez Jr., said, a labor attaché at the office. "However, there are still policy issues to be settled first."

There were 690,025 migrant workers in Taiwan, with Indonesia having the largest migrant workers followed by Vietnam, Philippines then Thailand.

Migrant caregiver recorded beating eldery woman in Taiwan, facing a fine up to NT$150k

An Indonesian caregiver seen in a surveillance camera that she is beating the elderly woman, the caregiver was hired to care but the video shows different.

The caregiver is facing a fine of up to NT$150,000 where a video footage released by the victim's family for a very strong evidence.

The family set up a hidden surveillance camera where it reveal footage of abuse.

The caregiver hitting the elederly repeatedly on the head, grabbing her hair, and violently shaking the elderly woman before striking her on the face. 

The labor broker must provide an acceptable settlement to the family or be banned from hiring more migrant workers, according to Changhua County Councilor Hao Chen-ching.

Hiring a foreign caregiver is a relatively affordable option for most families, but the language barrier usually results in misunderstanding or undesirable services.

As the country's elderly population is rapidly increasing, several family have no other choice to hire a caretaker or caregiver for their elderly.


Filipinos abroad request government to restrict operation of Online Sabong due to OFWs addiction

Filipinos working abroad have demanded to the government to restrict the operation of online sabong because many Filipinos are addicted to the said gambling.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana conveyed the message to the Filipinos that if possible, limit online sabong operations because many are allegedly wasting money on the said gambling.

Lorenzana came from Spain and Poland and he spoke to several Filipino communities and had delivered their message to the President.

“May nagsabi po Mr. President, na kung puwede iyon daw online sabong ay limitahan lang ‘yung panahon dahil marami pong nalululong na mga overseas na mga Filipinos sa online sabong,” sabi ni Lorenzana.

Not only Filipinos based in different countries are complaining about online sabongq but also the wives of overseas Filipino workers abroad.

The woves complain that some OFW litteraly missed the remiitance due to the salary been wasted due to online sabong.

Job Hiring: Sinbon Electronics in Taiwan now hiring male and female factory workers

Company: Sinbon Electronics Co Ltd
Location: Miaoli, Taiwan
Products: Computer Peripherals
Job Positions: Factory Workers, Machine Operators

Agency: Teng Long International Manpower Corporation
Agency address: Mille Bldg, 335 Sen Gil Puyat Ave., Pasay, Manila


Apply online at

About Sinbon:

Founded in 1989, SINBON is a leading provider of integrated design and production services for electronic components. Sinbon's product applications include data acquisition, computer peripherals and other electronic products.

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Job Hiring: Bridgestone (tire maker) in Taiwan now hiring factory workers

Company: Bridgestone Taiwan
Location: Hsinchu, Taiwan
Products: Car Tires
Job Positions: Factory Workers, Machine Operators

Agency: Melakom Global Services Ic
Agency address: 1662 Goodwill Bldg., Leon Guinto Street, Malate Manila


About Bridgestone:

Bridgestone’s founder Shojiro Ishibashi endeavored to create a company dedicated to "serving society with superior quality." The firm's mission and values ensure world-class customer service and inspire us to be an outstanding corporate citizen in the communities in which we live and work.

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Quarantine violators to be penalized harshly, max fine of NT$1-Million

Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that those who violates Lunar New Year holiday quarantine measures would face harsh penalties, maximum fine of NT$1-Million.

Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shih-chung who also heads the CECC said that severe punishment will be given to violators of the quarantine measures.

People who leave their quarantine location can be fined NT$100,000 for leaving for up to two hours, NT$200,000 for two to six hours, NT$300,000 for six to 24 hours, NT$600,000 for 24 to 72 hours and up to a maximum of NT$1 million for more than 72 hours.

All fines were written under the Communicable Disease Control Act. Police would also play a role in preventing quarantine breaches.

Travelers who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can stay for seven days in a quarantine hotel or self-paid centralized facility followed by seven days of quarantining at home.

Others can quarantine for 10 days in a quarantine hotel or facility followed by four days at home. (Photo CNA)

2-year old kid, positibo sa COVID-19 matapos magpunta at mamasyal sa mall

Isang dalawang taong gulang na bata ang nagpositibo sa COVID-19 matapos bumisita sa isang mall ayon sa isang facebook post ng isang doktor.

Narito ang post:
“Just diagnosed a 2-yr old kid positive for COVID-19. Asked if he could’ve been exposed to someone or if they went somewhere. Guess what they did? Went to the mall 3 days ago. Please mag-ingat po tayo.”

Sa ilalim ng alert level 2, pinapayagan ang mga menor de edad sa karamihan ng mga establisyimento tulad ng mga mall at park.

Kasunod ng pagre-relax sa COVID-19 alert level sa Metro Manila at iba pang lugar, bumisita ang mga menor de edad sa mga shopping mall at iba pang mataong lugar habang sinasamahan ang kanilang mga magulang.

“That’s very unfortunate. That’s why we are still reminding everyone to follow the public health protocols and for the parents to discern in bringing their kids to the mall to be careful and only if it’s necessary,” ito naman ang komento ni Interior Secretary Eduardo Año sa ulat.

Narito naman ang paalala ng doktor:

“If it’s just for leisure, if you can avoid going out then iwas na lang talaga, if hindi na maiwasan, sa open areas with lots of social distancing like parks.

If high ang density ng mga tao sa area, do not remove your masks. There are 4 simple things na we can do to prevent having COVID.

Wear your masks. Use soap and water to clean your hands or if unavailable then use 70% alcohol. Maintain social distancing. Get vaccinated.”

Netizens admired a police after volunteering to babysit a child while mother goes to market

Several netizens admired and praise the kindness shown by a policewoman in Benguet after taking care of a baby, while the mother of baby does to the wet market.

Police Corporal Nimfa Camis temporarily guarded and took care the baby so that the child's mother could properly bought their needs in the market.

Camis was assigned bu watching over the customers of the Tiongsan rolling store at that time when he saw a mother carrying a baby.

The mother explained to the policewoman that there was no one to take care of the baby so she took him with her and the police understood the situation.

For that reason, Camis volunteered to first to take care of the baby so that the mother could properly buy their needs and to avoid the crowds.

A simple act of kindness shown by the policewoman makes netizens to praise her and there are lots of police understand the situation.


OFW sa UAE, nanalo ng PHP136-milyon sa lottery

Isang overseas Filipino worker (OFW) sa United Arab Emirates (UAE) ang naka jackpot sa isang lotto at nanalo ng tumataginting AED10-milyon o may katumbas na halos P136-milyon.

Nanalo si Paterio 52 anyos, sa weekly lottery sa UAE na Mahzooz. Isang materials contract supervisor sa Fujairah si Paterio.

Sa pagkapanalo niya, plano na rin niyang umuwi for good at makapagpatayo ng sarili nilang bahay.

“This amount will allow my family and I to pursue any and every dream we have. I wouldn’t have been able to save such a huge amount even if I had worked for a hundred years,” sabi ng OFW.

Ama siya sa dalawang anak na lalaki - 23 at 18 taong gulang - matagal na niyang nais na magbigay ng father's care para sa kanyang nakababatang anak na lalaki na may sakit na cerebral palsy.

“A family house has been my wife’s greatest dream for years, and now it’s time to finally grant her that wish,”  ayon sa OFW.

Ginamit lamang ang pangalan na Paterio para sa security purposes.


South Korea eased restrictions and allowed entry of OFWs, DOLE confirmed

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) will begin processing to send overseas Filipino workers to neighboring countries in Asia-such as South Korea.

“This is a very good news not only to our EPS (entry permit system) workers and their families, but also to the Korean employers who have been waiting for our workers to return,” said Department of Labor and Employment Secretary Silvetre Bello III.

South Korea’s Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL) announced that it will allow the entry into their country of workers under the EPS from various countries, including the Philippines.

Under the South Korea's MOEL directive, the requirement for workers includes full vaccination, and a negative RT-PCR test result. Post-entry measures also include mandatory quarantine and RT-PCR testing.

The Korean embassy in the Philippines is just waiting for the policy from their government for the issuance of E9 visas to Filipino EPS.

This is certainly a good news to the thousands of workers who have been waiting to be able to go abroad since last year.

Robredo reveals 'ambitious' P500-Billion COVID recovery plan for the Philippines

Presidential candidate and current Vice President Leni Robredo is targeting a fund amounting to ₱500 billion "ambitious" pandemic recovery plan.

Robredo said that her team estimated that budget that will be called "Kalayaan sa COVID".

"Mayroon na kaming kwenta. Tinitingnan namin kung saan mahuhugot ‘yung mga pondo... Ang kwenta namin na nahanap namin sa budget ay somewhere in the area of ₱500 billion," she said.

“Kailangan maging ambitious kasi ang laki ng problema natin ngayon,” Robredo said in a press conference.

Robredo would dedicate the Office of the President’s proposed P4.5-billion intelligence and confidential funds for pandemic relief programs.

Additionally, Robredo revealed more details into her COVID-19 plan, saying that she will try to stop corruption by putting a Health secretary who would be held accountable for his or her actions.

Point system entry of migrants to based on vax status, country's COVID cases and accomodations

Foreign workers will be prioritized with the highest score based on the point system. Factory workers and domestic caregivers will be assessed separately.

Point system for vaccination status:

55 points for workers who were vaccinated of two doses of a vaccine (or one dose in the case of Johnson & Johnson) that has received a World Health Organization emergency use listing.

45 points if received one dose of a two-dose vaccine.

0 points for not being vaccinated

Country's total COVID-19 case weekly:

10 points if the origin country of migrant worker have 5,000 or below cases in a seven-day or weekly average.

5 points if cases are 5,001 to 10,000 per week

0 point if cases exceeds 10,000 per week

Accomodation from employer:

20 points for the migrant worker if employer will give a "suite" accomodation of having a private bathroom in a room

15 points if employer will provide a moxture of "suite" and "non-suite." Non-suite are room with shared bathrooms.

10 points if employer will provide non-suite

For suites, 25 points if only one or two persons in a room, 15 points with three up to four people in a room, 7 points for five to six people and 3 points for seven to eight in a room.

For non-suites, 10 points if only one or two persons in a room, 8 points with three up to four people in a room, 5 points for five to six people and 0 points for seven to eight in a room.


CECC to bring back ban on migrant workers during the period of Lunar New Year

The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) already approved the entry of migrants workers to Taiwan but its head suggests that the entry ban will reurn during the period of Lunar New Year.

The entry ban of migrant workers will be reintroduced during a two-month span starting from December 14 up to Feb. 14.

Health Minister Chen Shih-chung has suggested reimplementing the current restrictions on overseas contract workers for the period surrounding the holiday.

Chen made the remarks while addressing members of the Legislature's Social Welfare and Environmental Hygiene Committee.

Taiwan's Ministry of Labor has not yet commented on Chen's suggestion on if they will propose a new plan.

Government agencies estimate that around 40,000 Taiwanese are expected to return home for the weeklong Lunar New Year holiday from Jan. 31 to Feb. 6.


Taiwan finally approved entry of migrant workers, effective immediately

Ministry of Labor’s (MOL) proposal was approved by Central Epidemic Command Center as announced by health minister Chen Shih-chung to let migrant workers to enter Taiwan.

The proposal to let migrant workers enter Taiwan is effective immediately as reported by RTI.

“The CECC signed off on the measures related to the entry of migrant workers into the country yesterday, and their entry can be processed immediately," Chen said in a hearing.

CECC alao suggested that the number of migrant workers entering must deacrease by December and during the Lunar New Year holiday.

Taiwan's migrant worker population are now at 699,154 down since entry ban of workers, data from Ministry of Labor (MOL) statistics. 


Human rights groups requesting COMELEC to take down COC of Bongbong Marcos

Civic group of political detainees, human rights and medical organizations asked the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) to cancel the Certificate of Candidacy of presodential bet Bongbong Marcos Jr.

Civic leaders arguing Marcos' COC contains "multiple false material representations," including his assertion that he is eligible to seek the presidency.

In the 57-page document submitted, they pointed out that Marcos was convicted in July 1995 by a Quezon City court for his multiple failures to file income tax returns from 1982 to 1985.

The groups stressed out that this crime "involves moral turpitude, thereby disqualifying him under the Omnibus Election Code to be a candidate and to hold any public office."

“Specifically, Marcos falsified his [COC] when he claimed that he was eligible to be a candidate for President of the Philippines in the 2022 national elections when in fact he is disqualified from doing so,” the petitioners said in a statement.

The petitioners are from Task Force Detainees of the Philippines, Kapatid-Families and Friends of Political Prisoners, Medical Action Group Inc., Families of Victims of Involuntary Disappearance, Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates and Balay Rehabilitation Center. (Photo Jerome Ascano)

Man behind modus on slot for passport renewal, arrested, charge up to P20,000

A man was arrested for allegedly offering a slot to anyone who wish to renew their passport in exchange for a fee of P2,500 up to P20,000.

Personnel of the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) and National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) conducted the entrapment operation.

Seized from the suspect Modesto Bartolome Jr., the marked money used in the operation and the newly issued passport.

Authorities carried out the operation after discovering that there was an ongoing sale of the passport renewal slot.

It is currently difficult to get a slot to schedule passport renewals with the Department of Foreign Affairs.

But there is a fixer who allegedly offers the slot from P2,500 to P20,000. It is bigger than the standard passport processing fee which is only P950.

The DFA promised that they would cooperate in the investigation into such controversy.

Ina, niregaluhan ng P1-million at house and lot sa kanyang kaarawan

Laking gulat ni Aling Lolita na magiging milyonarya siya sa kanyang ika-67 kaarawan nito, bukod dito ay nakatangap din ng house and lot. Ang mga regalong ito ay mula sa kanyang anak na si Lou.

Pinaglaro muna ng kanyang anak si Aling Lolita kung PHP100,000 o silip sa kuwarto. Walang kamalay-malay ang nanay kung ano ang nasa loob ng kuwarto.

Dahil sinabi ng kanyang anak na si Lou na magtiwala sa kanya, pinili ng ginang ang silip sa kwarto na may lamang tig-iisang libo at ilang tig-limang daang pisong pera, sa kabuuan: P1,000,000.

“Pagdating ko sa kuwarto, hindi ko inasahan na nakalatag doon ang pera sa kama. Ngayon pa talaga ako nakahawak ng pera na one million," lagad ng ginang sa KMJS.

Maliban sa P1million, pinakita na rin sa kanya ang blueprint ng isang house and lot na kasalukuyang pinapatayo para sa ina.

Hindi laki sa yaman ang pamilya, sadyang nagsumikap lamang si Lou para maibigay ang mga ito sa kanyang ina.

“I want to inspire everybody na ang pera ay [kikitain] lang po, pero ang kaligayahan ng isang ina hindi mo iyan masisuklian kahit ano pong bagay," saad ni Lou.

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