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Job Hiring: Zheng Dai Machinery in Taiwan now hiring factory workers | Apply online

Company Name: Zheng Dai Machinery Co Ltd

Location: Changhu, Taiwan

Salary: NT$24,000 + OT

Position: Factory worker

Agency Name: Superior Alliance Human Resources Co.

Minimum qualifications:

-Candidate must possess at least a Vocational Diploma / Short Course

-With Minimum 2 years working experience in the same field

-Ex abroad applicant are given priority.

-no tattoo 

-must have valid passport & UMID ID.

-Candidates must have valid passport and not late registered. 

-Must have  Voter's Cert. ID

For interested applicant, apply here:

About Zheng Dai Machinery:

The company produces inverters, couplings, electromagnetic switches and other transmission equipment related products, complete product specifications and stocked to provide customers a fast, convenient, and professional services for the operational goals.

*This site is not a recruitment agency nor agent, to apply please visit above mentioned broker/recruitment agency.


South Korea offers scholarship program for Filipino graduate students

Filipinos are invited to study in South Korea after the Korean government launched a scholarship program for graduate students who wish to pursue their study in the land of Hallyu and technology.

The  Korea's National Institute for International Education Development (NIIED) said on Thursday (February 25), through the Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) Filipino students will be given the opportunity to study and go to Korea for free.

The NIIED will cover the student's expenses for mandatory isolation  and COVID-19 testing in Korea but the scholarship grantee must shoulder their testing in the Philippines.

The GKS program aims to invite 1,278 students globally. Of this number, Philippines has 28 slots under the University track program and 13 slots under the Embassy Track

Interested applicants must have a bachelor's or master's degree who have maintained a grade point average (GPA) of 2.64 on a 4.0 scale, 2.50 on a 1.0, scale, C on letter grade, and grades/marks/score of 80 percent out of 100 percent from the higher educational institution the person previously attended.


Priests wearing PH flag-inspired sotana earns various comments from netizens

Netizens cannot help themselves from expressing their varied opinions after some photos of priests wearing Philippine flag-inspired sotanas surfaced online.

In the photos shared by Even Demata in Facebook, it could be seen that there were three members of the religious group wearing the Philippine flag-inspired sotanas before the mass ceremony.

It is unclear yet why these religious persons are wearing the Philippine flag when sotanas are usually clean white or plain black depending on the church's occasion.

In addition, under Republic Act no. 841 section E, it is mentioned that it is prohibited to wear the Philippine flag in any case.

With this, the majority of the netizens think that what the religious group have done is an obvious disrespect to the  Philippine flag. Some  also believed that the persons involved must face charges or sanctions.


Isang pari, Inihalintulad niya ang katawan ng tao sa battery na malapit nang mawalan ng power

Paalala para sa lahat ng isang dayuhang pari na nagngangalang “Father Luciano Felloni” sa kaniyang Facebook page na “AlmuSalita” Aniya, “Self–care is a priority not a luxury”, Inihalintulad niya ang katawan ng tao sa phone battery na malapit nang mawalan ng power o tinatawag na “lowbat” na kailangang i–recharge.

“Alagaan ang sarili. Charge yourself by having fun with your friends or just relaxing at home or attending a mass for spiritual recharge.” sabi ni Father Luciano Felloni.

napapanahon lalo na  nauuso ang mga sakit ngayon saan ka man magpunta at ang pinakamalaking magagawa ng mga tao upang makaiwas dito ay ang pangangalaga sa sarili at ang pag kain ng masusustansyang pagkain.

Kinumpara ni Father Felloni ang katawan ng tao sa phone battery na malapit nang mawalan ng power o tinatawag na “lowbat” kung ayaw daw nating maihalintulad ang sarili natin sa isang bateryang pawala na ang lakas o power, kinakailangan natin magpare–recharge.

Sumang–ayon naman ang mga netizens sa sinabi ng pari,” I agree with this, always remember, whatever we do or where ever we go, don’t forget God in our hearts and minds at the same time enjoying the company of our family and friends.” ani ng isang netizen.

“If you will not take care of yourself, who would you expect to do it for you? You can only share love if you know how to love yourself. This is so true,” komento naman ng isa pang netizen.

Dagdag naman ng isa, “Win na win po ito Father Felloni. This is so true. We really need to recharge our spiritual battery for our body and soul. In times like this, bukod sa pagpapalakas ng katawan at resistensiya, kailangan ding palakasin ang ispirituwal na aspeto ng buhay.”

Si Father Luciano Airel Felloni ay isang misyonaryong Argentinian na halos dalawang dekada nang naninirahan sa Pilipinas at kilalang pilantropo at tagapagtaguyod ng mga makataong pagkilos para sa mga Pilipino.


Filipino engineer turned his vintage Toyota car into an electric car

Ferdinand Raquelsantos an inventor and clean energy supporter has a long love affair with electric cars. Via the prodding of environmental organization Greenpeace, the Philippine Utility Vehicles Inc. (PHUV) a company he co-founded with other Filipino vehicle parts manufacturers and designed the first batch of electric jeepneys in 2007.

Raquelsantos, who also loves collecting antique vehicles, planned to turn his 1976 Toyota Publica into an electric vehicle three years later. He felt the size of his Publica, which was claimed to be the smallest Toyota in the 1960s and 1970s, was suitable for conversion into an electric vehicle.

However, there were some technical issues to overcome, especially when it came to connecting the electric motor's shaft to the current transmission but engineer and his colleagues were able to solve the puzzle.

At the time, he spent about P250,000 on the whole conversion. In 2010, the car was named "Love-Joy" and became the first LTO-licensed electric car as well as the first registered car conversion.

Raquelsantos' electric Toyota Publica is only suitable for short journeys, as it only has a range of around 100 kilometers on a single charge. When he was called to talk at the Philippine Electrical Vehicle Summit the next year, he recalls having to stop at a gas station in Taguig for a solid 30 minutes to refuel his car.

“Technology has changed greatly. We're now using lithium-ion batteries, which are much smaller and have a longer range,” says the engineer, who has worked in the automobile industry for three decades.

According to Raquelsantos, it's equivalent to a normal vehicle. The trip is silky smooth, and there is no sound due to the absence of a motor. It therefore does not pollute the atmosphere because it does not use gasoline. When a car is trapped in traffic, it doesn't use much electricity.

Since this Pinoy invention is only in the research and development stage, the engineer says he can't share any of the information just yet. However, if the manufacturer is ready for manufacturing, he hopes to ship it within the year.


Made in Taiwan COVID-19 vaccine could be ready by July 2021: Health Minister

Taiwan could begin administering its homemade COVID-19 vaccines as early as July, the health minister said, the island still awaiting for the arrival of imported vaccines to begin its immunization campaign.

Taiwan has kept the pandemic well under control thanks to early and effective prevention, with less than 40 active cases, but it has not yet received any vaccines from abroad.

Health Minister and Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) head Chen Shih-chung told the parliament human trials had begun for two vaccines separately developed by Taiwan-based Medigen Vaccine Biologics and United Biomedical Inc Asia.

"If everything goes well, we could start administering domestically-made vaccines in July," Chen said without elaborating.

Meanwhile, CECC published its COVID-19 vaccination priority list, as it prepares to begin a national immunization campaign. 


Taiwan released priority list for its COVID-19 vaccination for 15 million people

Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) published its COVID-19 vaccination priority list, as it prepares to begin a national immunization campaign sometime during March.

At a press briefing on Saturday, CECC spokesman Chuang Jen-hsiang said the 10 categories on the list include around 15 million people (30 million doses) -- a number equal to around 64 percent of Taiwan's population of 23.56 million.

The categories, arranged in order of eligibility, are as follows:

1. Medical and non-medical personnel in hospitals, clinics and government-designated quarantine facilities.

2. Epidemic prevention workers in central and local government; front-line public health officials; airport personnel working in customs, immigration, quarantine and security; village chiefs and workers who deliver meals to people in home quarantine; paramedics and firefighters; Coast Guard and airborne rescue personnel.

3. People with a higher risk of COVID-19 exposure due to their occupations: pilots, flight attendants and sailors on international commercial vessels; drivers of epidemic prevention taxis; quarantine hotel personnel; and workers at ports of entry not included in category 2.

4. Foreign diplomatic personnel and their families in Taiwan according to the principle of reciprocity (i.e., if Taiwanese diplomats in those countries are also eligible to receive vaccinations); athletes representing the country at international competitions.

5. Military and civilian police.

6. Residents and staff in long-term care facilities and workers in correctional facilities.

7. Members of the armed forces.

8. People aged 65 and above.

9. People aged 19-64 who suffer from conditions that put them at a higher risk of serious illness from COVID-19; others at risk because they suffer from rare or serious illnesses or injuries.

10. People aged 50-64.

The CECC added that it is currently devising other plans relating to the provision of vaccines to businesspeople and persons traveling abroad to work, study or receive medical treatment.

According to the list, the CECC will consider making self-paid COVID-19 vaccines available if there is extra stock one to two months after the rollout has begun. -Central News Agency



18-year-old cyclist died after he hit an electricity post

 According to Abby Espiritu's report on "Stand for Truth.", The bicycle of Mark de Sagun crashed into a gutter when they were on their way to Tagaytay and he then crashed into the post.

“Lumusot po siya sa gutter, nataranta po siya. Bumangga po siya sa poste. Nakita po siya nung kasama ko isang tropa, nasa likod niya. Ako po ay nasa unahan. Inintay ko po siya… Pag balik ko po wala nang malay,” his friend JC Bisaya said.

“Natakot po kami. Taranta. Hindi po namin alam gagawin namin. Gusto lang po namin makarating sa gusto naming puntahan, eh. Sa Tagaytay po. Doon po kami lagi nagba-bike, eh,” he added.

Mark’s father, Lovin De Sagun, said he tried to stop Mark from leaving that day, “Tutol ng apo ako nung aalis nga po siya kaninang madaling araw, pinigilan ko po. Sinabihan ko na ano ‘yung bike nga niyo po, medyo manipis na ‘yung gulong,” De Sagun said.

It has only been two months since Mark got became fond of cycling. “Nasa trabaho po ako n’un, eh. May tumawag lang po sa akin na hindi po sinabi na wala na nga po. Basta sabi sa akin, 50/50 lang po sa ospital,” he said.

De Sagun said Mark wanted to become a police officer. “Ayun na nga po kasi gusto pa talaga niya mag pulis. Sabi ko nga po, sasaraduhan niya daw po ako pag talagang graduate na siya ng pulis,” he said.


Vico Sotto, naniniwala parin na 'darating ang pagbabago'

Buong buo parin ang tiwala at hindi nawawalan ng pag-asa ang Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto na kaya niyang alisin ang mga dumi sa gobyerno at sa kultura ng mga Pilipino.

Ayon sa kanyang post sa twitter, pinapasalamatan niya ang alkalde ng U.S Department of State sa pagkilala sakanya bilang isa sa doseng Anti-corruption champions, "But more than the recognition, I hope this helps raise awareness," ani Sotto.

"If we want better long-term governance, we need to fight corruption. We have to denormalize it, get it out of our culture," dagdag ni Mayor Vico.

Sa isang komento ng isang netizen sa post ni Mayor Vico at sinabi niyang matagal nang nakatanim sa bansa ang problema ng katiwalian "Di ka pinangangak iho, iyan na ang problema sa Pilipinas!" ayon sa post ng netizen.

Ang tugon naman ni Sotto, maaari pa ring labanan ang katiwalian kahit paunti-unti, "Pati naman po kayo, di pa po kayo pinapanganak, iyan na ang problema sa Pilipinas. Our problems have been ingrained in our government and culture for hundreds of years," sabi ni Sotto.

"Ngunit kung lalabanan natin, darating ang pagbabago, kahit paunti-unti," dagdag ng alkalde.


Singaporean man pushes Pinay girlfriend to work as prostitute

 A man from Singapore found a way to earn easy money by selfishly asking his 18-year-old Filipina girlfriend to sell nude photos and other sexual services.

According to reports, the man lost all of his money from playing gambling at a casino. To have something that would support his expenses, he urged his girlfriend to prostitute herself.

 The Filipina agreed and the man would usually take nude photos of her and sell every four of them for $10. A one minute video would cost $10 while a 5-minutes video call for $25.

To supplement their income, the man started asking his girlfriend to sell her used underwear for $35, $50, or $80 depending on how it will be delivered to the customer. Later on, the woman was also forced to have sexual intercourse with the customers for $150 to $1000.

The woman just had the urge to get out from his boyfriend's evil business when some of her nude photos and videos surfaced on Telegram.

Police officers raided the victim's unit but the man went on the run. Eventually the suspect was arrested by the police after the girlfriend managed to  procure a phone to contact the man in secret.


Government to help street and sidewalk vendors' businesses affected by pandemic

The government is willing to help the street and sidewalk vendors open or start their businesses again after the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

DSWD Spokesperson Irene Dumlao said, with their Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP), they will be able to aid the poor, vulnerable and marginalized people of the country.

“Ang DSWD katulong ng lokal na pamahalaan ay nakahandang tumulong sa mga mahihirap at bulnerableng sektor ng ating lipunan, kasama na po nga diyan ang ating mga street or sidewalk vendors,” Dumlao said in a radio interview.

SLP is a capacity-building program that aims to help all its beneficiaries get all the assets that they need so they could start their own businesses and  eventually improve their socio-economic well-being.

Last 2020, the DSWD was able to provide livelihood support to more than 8,000 families worth P1.4 billion.


Bata iginapos ng amain bilang katuwaan; tiyahin nagsumbong sa pulis

Kalunos-lunos ang sinapit ng isang bata sa Buluan, Maguindanao matapos umano siyang itali sa kamay at paa ng kaniyang amain o stepfather bilang katuwaan.

Ayon sa tiyahin ng biktima na si Bhai Rama Apbet, halos sumabog siya sa galit nang makita niya ang kaniyang pamangkin na nakagapos habang ito ay nakadapa.

Depensa ng amain, biro lang umano ang ginawa niyang pagtali sa kamay at paa ng bata. Gayunpaman, naging desidido si Apbet na bawiin ang kaniyang pamangkin sa poder nito.

Sa ibinahaging screenshot messages ni Apbet, makikita pang nagmamakaawa ang amain na huwag siyang isuplong sa mga pulis ngunit nanindigan si Apbet na kailangan niyang pagbayaran ang nagawa nito sa pamangkin.

Sa huli, dinampot ng lokal na pamahalaan ng Buluan ang amain sa pangunguna ni Babydats D. Mangandadatu, Chief Buluan MPS MCAD PLT Cemafranco Cemacio at Sangguniang bayan member.

Samantala, nakauwi na sa bahay ng kaniyang tiyahin ang bata na halos butot-balat na lamang.


73-anyos na Lola, hinalay sa kabila ng paralisadong katawan

Kalunos-lunos ang sinapit ng isang 73-anyos na matanda matapos itong pagsamantalahan sa kanilang mismong tahanan kung saan siya nakaratay.

Ayon sa kaniyang anak, si Lola Alfonsa ay paralisado na at hindi na makakilos bunsod ng karamdaman at katandaan.

Isang araw ay naisipan ng kaniyang 14-anyos na apo, na itinago sa pangalan "Brenda," na silipin siya sa kaniyang tahanan.

Nang makarating si Brenda sa bahay ng kaniyang lola, nakita ng kaniyang dalawang mata ang isang lalaki  na nakapatong at gumagawa ng kalapastanganan sa matanda.

"[Sabi ng anak ko] 'Papa, si Mama Alping inano...' Sabi ko, 'Anong inano?' Sabi niya 'Inano!' Siyempre medyo nabasa ko 'yung nasa isip ng bata, kaya 'yun nga po tumakbo na po ako," lahad ng ama ni Brenda na anak naman ni Lola Alfonsa.

Hindi pa tiyak sa ulat kung nahuli ba ang salarin sa  panghahalay  sa matanda ngunit ayon sa pamilya nang dahil sa nangyari ay agad na binawian ng buhay si Lola Alfonsa.


Fast food chain in Hong Kong, accepts senior citizens as employees

A lot of Filipinos are in envy after seeing a viral post online stating how Hong Kong can be generous enough in hiring employees no matter how old they are.

In a Facebook post written by Cassy Marcelino, she shared a picture of some of the employees of one of the fast food chains in Hong Kong.

Almost everyone who saw the post was shocked to know that the service crews are not youngsters as expected but senior citizens.

 "Ganito sa Hongkong hangga't kaya mong magtrabaho, pwede pa. Hindi importante ang tinapos mo basta may skill at masipag ka at maintindihan mo ang trabaho mo. Dito sa Pilipinas hanggang ilang months ka lang pwede sa mga company kaya?" Marcelino said in her caption.

Unlike in the Philippines, employers in Hong Kong do accept senior citizens as employees as long as they are still physically strong and understand the jobs they have very well.


Duterte warn voters: Be careful of Trillanes, he will sell you to the devil

President Rodrigo Duterte said in his pre-recorded briefing in Surigao del Sur reffered to his crtitic former Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV that "he will sell you to the devil."

The starement os for the Filipino voters, he gave them warning against choosing Trillanes if he should run for president.

“Be careful of Trillanes. Magbantay kayo. He will sell you to the devil. Kapag ‘yan ang nakaupo, patay.”

Additionally, Duterte also reiterated to the briefing that his daughter, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte Carpio, would not run for the presidency in 2022.

Surigao del Sur Gov. Alexander Pimentel said that there must be “continuity” in policies so that achievements gained during his term would not be wasted. 

Meanwhile, Trillanes said that Duterte must focus on vaccine rollout (and) will have Duterte jailed in 2022.


Pacquiao upon its possible run for the presidency: a matter of fate and the will of God


Senator Manny Pacquiao noted that it would be up to God when it comes to his possible presidential run, he admitted that everything would happen with a purpose, and he hopes everyone would pray that someone who really cares for the Filipinos would be the next President.

The boxing-champ-turned-senator revealed his ideas about what would make him consider running for the country's highest political seat. For Pacquiao, if he were to run for president, it would be up to fate and God.

‘Yang pagiging Presidente po ay destined po iyan, ipagkakaloob ng Panginoon. Maraming nagsubok pero maraming nabigo,” Pacquiao said.

He added that his choice would be based on what God wanted, "Kung papayagan ng Panginoon 'yan." The Senator stated.

For now, Pacquiao has revealed that his focus as a senator is still on serving his duties. He admitted he didn't want to be where he is now, but there's a purpose to everything. Pacquiao said he not only wanted to inspire others in sports, but also to serve the people.

“Ako naman ay nandito bilang senador, ginagampanan trabaho ko. Kaya siguro ako nandito dahil ‘di ko naman ito pinangarap mula noon. Nandito ako for a purpose and that purpose ay to be an inspiration to the Filipino people na maging isang halimbawa, ‘di lamang sa larangan ng boxing kundi sa larangan ng public service,” the Filipino boxer said.

Pacquiao continued that we must all pray that the Filipinos will be genuinely cared for and loved by our next President,  “Kailangan lang natin at ako nananalangin at umaasa na ang susunod na magiging Presidente ay may tunay na malasakit at tunay na pagmamahal sa mamamayang Pilipino,” he added.


Grab driver binugbog matapos isauli ang naiwang cellphone ng pasahero

Sa halip na pasalamatan ay sinaktan pa ng pisikal ang isang grab driver na nagmagandang loob lamang ibalik ang naiwang cellphone ng kaniyang naisakay na pasahero noong Pebrero 9.

Ayon sa driver na si Kiel Nigel Yabut, ganap na 12:21 ng hating gabi nang may pasaherong sumakay sa kaniya patungong Kamuning. 

Naiwan nito ang kaniyang cellphone ngunit napansin na lamang ito ni Yabut nang makauwi na ito sa kanilang tahanan.

"Kamakailan lamang ay naiulat na isang bata ang nakuryente at namatay matapos magsuksok ng metal na kutsara sa extension outlet. Nawa ay maging paalala ito sa lahat ng mga magulang na bantayan ng maigi ang kanilang mga anak, "lahad ni Yabut.

Wala pang isang oras ay nakarating na ng Kamuning ang driver ngunit sa halip na pasalamatan ay bigla na lamang itong inakusahan ng pagnanakaw at saka pinagbubogbog.

Masama raw ang loob ni Yabut sa nangyari kung kaya humihiling ito ng hustisya. Sa huli, pinangalanan niya ang naturang pasahero bilang si Jinno John P. Simon.


Bata, naputukan ang kamay nang isaksak ang extension sa outlet

Nangingitim ang kamay ng isang pitong taong gulang na batang babae matapos nitong isaksak ang plug ng kanilang extension sa isang outlet sa kanilang bahay.

Ayon sa inang si Athena Quintana Comboy, dalawang linggo na ang nakararaan nang aksidenteng maputukan ang kamay ng kaniyang anak dahil lamang sa plug in nito ng extension sa isang outlet.

 "2 weeks ago, pumutok ang extension wire sa kamay niya the moment na sinaksak niya sa outlet," kwento ni Comboy sa kaniyang Facebook post.

Dahil dito, aniya, naging malala ang nangyari sa kamay ng kaniyang anak gayunpaman nagpapasalamat siya na hindi ito direktang nakuryente.

Kamakailan lamang ay naiulat na isang bata ang nakuryente at namatay matapos magsuksok ng metal na kutsara sa extension outlet. Nawa ay maging paalala ito sa lahat ng mga magulang na bantayan ng maigi ang kanilang mga anak.


Vico Sotto has been named 'anti-corruption champion' by the US Department

Mayor Vico Sotto of Pasig City is among a dozen "brave individuals" awarded the International Anti-Corruption Champions Award launched by State Secretary Antony Blinken to "recognize individuals who have demonstrated leadership, courage, and impact in preventing, exposing and combating corruption."

Sotto is a standard bearer for a new generation of Philippine politicians who, in their election campaigns and in office, emphasize anti-corruption and transparency measures.

As a town councilor in Pasig, Sotto first entered public service in 2016. In the 2019 elections, he ran for mayor and dethroned the Eusebio dynasty, which had occupied the Pasig mayoralty for almost 3 decades.

The agency reported that Sotto's previous work on the town council culminated in legislation on freedom of information enabling city citizens to request records without having to offer a reason. This is the first such law in the Manila Metro region.

In the award of government contracts, the city mayor also vowed to combat kickbacks, created a 24/7 public information and complaint hotline, and formally engaged civil society groups in the budgeting and policy making of the city, the agency noted.

The young leader also ordered a reduction of at least 10 percent in the value of all city government contracts, a move intended to minimize bribery in the contract award process.

"Sotto has sought to solidify his reputation as a fresh voice with a new, more transparent approach to governance," the US State Department said.

"The State Department continues to stand by citizens around the world calling for transparent, accountable governments. We proudly recognize these international champions of anticorruption and all those who have taken a stand against corruption," the US State Department added.


Pinoy abroad, patay ng luhuran ng pulis sa leeg

Isang Pinoy na si Angelo Quinto na naninirahan sa California ang namatay matapos na siyang makatangap ng "physically restrained" at "asphyxiated" ng mga pulis habang nasa mental health emergency.

Ayon sa lawyer ni Quinto na si John Burris, nakiusap si Quinto sa mga pulis na huwag siyang patayin bago nila ito maipit sa sahig gamit ang tuhod sa likuran ng kanyang leeg.  

“Angelo Quinto's plea ‘please don't kill me’ made before the police snatched him from his mother's arm and put on [the] floor where a knee was put on the back of his neck… rendering him comatose before he passed away 3 days later,” ayon kay Burris

“His breath was taken away and he’s on the ground, on the floor, in the house, in his bedroom… put him down. When he finally turned him over, blood was flowing through his mouth,” dagdag ni Burris.

“This was a healthy person before. No physical problems and within moments his life is gone. That is why we are here and what we’re so traumatized by,” dagdag niya.

“Mr. Quinto was suffering a mental health emergency and the police killed him.  As Mr. Burris said, they snuffed the life out of him. And we know that,” ayon naman kay Ben Nisenbaum, associate ni Burris.

Isang Filipino-American si Quinto at naganap ang insidente noong Disyembre 2020. 


Asteroid as big as "Great Pyramid" might hit Earth on 2022, warns NASA


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) warned the public with the possible collision of a huge asteroid on Earth on May 6, 2022.

According to NASA, the size of the asteroid can be compared to the massiveness of the Great Pyramid of Giza that has a height of 146.6 meters and a diameter of 2300.34 meters.

Although the chance is only 0.026%, experts  are still worried with the destruction it might cause because once it collides on Earth, the explosion will be 15 times strong compared to the Hiroshima atomic bomb in 1945.

If the said asteroid  will hit the Pacific Ocean, a possible tsunami or nuclear winter might take place because of its impact.

The asteroid was first discovered in 2009 with the name JF1. This is being constantly monitored by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory using their Sentry which continually scans the most current asteroid catalog for possibilities of future impact with Earth over the next 100 years.


7 taong gulang na bata, naglalako ng gulay makatulong lang sa pamilya


Sa halip na magsaya sa paglalaro at pag-aaral, paghahanap-buhay ang inaatupag ng  pitong taong gulang na bata mula  sa General Mariano Alvares, Cavite upang kumita ng pera at makatulong sa pamilya.

Naglalako ang batang sa Jhoncent Celicious ng mga nakasupot na gulay na nakalagay sa  isang basket na pinupusan niya sa ibabaw ng kaniyang uulo. 

Pag-amin niya, anim na taon pa lamang siya ay nagtitinda na siya nang sa gayon ayy matulungan niya ang kaniyang mga magulang sa mga gastusing bahay,

Ayon kaniyang ina, hindi raw nila inutusan or tinuruan ang anak na maghanap-buhay kung kaya nagulat na lamang sila nang isang araw ay maglako ito ng mga gulay.

Pang-pito si Johncent sa sampung magkakapatid. Bagamat nakakapasok pa siya sa paaralan, ang ilan s akaniyang mga nakatatandang kapatid ay nahinto na sa pag-aaral.

Hirap sa pagtatrabaho ang kaniyang ina dahil sa kaniyang goiter at hika habang ang kaniyang ama naman  ay walang trabaho magmula pa noong isang taon.


Pres. Duterte, junks MGCQ proposal until the country's COVID-19 vaccination starts

On Monday, President Rodrigo Duterte denied the request to put the country under modified general community quarantine (MGCQ) before the vaccination program for the country COVID-19 has begun, his spokesman said.

"The Chief Executive recognizes the importance of re-opening the economy and its impact on people's livelihoods. However, the President gives higher premium to public health and safety," said Harry Roque.

"Dutere wants vaccination to start the soonest possible time in order to ease the community quarantine," he added.

In March, which marks a year since the country was first put under quarantine, nine out of 17 mayors in the capital region had previously endorsed a move to MGCQ.

Since August 2020, Metro Manila accounts for about a third of the country's gross domestic product has been under the GCQ with tighter lockdowns imposed in previous months as infections with COVID-19 increased.

Since then, 563,456 coronavirus infections have been reported in the Philippines, preventing the economy from completely re-opening.

The nation has yet to obtain any shot of COVID-19 that it hoped would begin its vaccination campaign this month, targeting up to 70 million or two-thirds of the population during the year.

After the country's worst recession on record last year, when it slumped 9.5 percent, the largest downturn in Southeast Asia further delays could derail economic recovery.


2 taong gulang na bata, nakuryente matapos isuksok sa extension ang metal na kutsara

2 taong gulang na bata mula sa Lungsod ng Quezon ay namatay dahil sa electrocution o nakuryente matapos na ipasok ang isang kutsara sa isang outlet ng kuryente.

Ang ina ni Jake Angara na si Eloisa ay nagkwento na naghanda siya ng gatas para sa kanyang anak.  Iniwan niya ang kutsara na ginamit sa pagsangkap ng gatas sa isang lugar na hindi maabot ng bata.

"Noong bubuksan ko na ang pintuan may pumutok. Kinabahan ako, pero akala ko may nalaglag lang or what," ayon kay Eloisa.

"Napasigaw ang asawa ko, ang sabi niya lang, si Jake na-ground," dagdag niya.

Isinugod niya sa ospital si Jake kung saan sinubukan pang irevive ang bata, ngunit huli na ang lahat.

Nagrerequest naman ng financial help ang Angara family para sa bata.



Employer, broker and OFW may face penalty after violating health protocols in Taiwan

A Filipino migrant worker was tested positive of COVID-19 after home quarantine, but during the period of independent health management, they were asked by the agency / broker to attend the company for training. 

The Tainan City Health Bureau said yesterday that it would fine the agency NT$15,000, which was considered too light. 

5 migrant workers who are all in the self-health management period are required by the agency to attend trainings at the company, the health bureau will consider whether to multiply the fine by five times.

The foreign migrant workers have finished their home quarantine and are still required to carry out an additional 7-day  health management period, but the company immediately requires the migrant workers to undergo training. 

It violates the regulations that the independent health management cannot go to places where people gather. 

Hsu I-lin, head of Tainan's Public Health Bureau, said that the man's employer violated Article 36 of the Communicable Disease Control Act. The OFW could face a fine of between NT$3,000 (US$107) and NT$15,000 in accordance with Article 70. 


Taiwan records 6,000th outlet of 7-eleven convenience store

The 6,000th outlet of Taiwan's 7-Eleven chain, which opened for business in Kaohsiung's Fongshan District on Saturday, is seen in this recent photo. 

2021 represents the milestone of 6,000 stores, "Fengyi Store" debuts in Fengshan District, Kaohsiung City


The store was planned to innovate in environmental protection and incorporate intelligence, fully demonstrating the architectural design aesthetics, practicing sustainable development, energy-saving living experience, and responding to the characteristics of public welfare activities

The chain's closest rival, FamilyMart, had 3,809 stores as of Jan. 31. Photo courtesy of President Chain Store Corp.


Balut vendor, nalungkot matapos itapon ang panindang balut dahil sa cleaning operation

 Nalungkot na lamang ang isang balut vendor matapos magkalat ang tinitinda niyang balut dahil sa cleaning operation ng mga awtoridad  sa Colon Street sa Cebu City, dumating at nagsagawa ng operation sa mga kalye at kinumpiska ang mga kariton na nakakalat sa high way.

Hindi lang iyon marami din uri ng mga street vendors sa ating bansa, merong nagtitinda sa kariton, naglalako ng mga kakanin, mga balut vendors, mga nagtitinda ng fishballs at kwek-kwek at marami pang iba kahit na paghahanap buhay ang pagtitinda dapat ay sumunod rin ang ating mga street vendors sa batas ng ating bansa.

Meron parin kasing mga pasaway na street vendors na iniiwan nalang basta basta ang kanilang kalat na hindi naman natin maiwasan ang pagkakalat kaya nagsagawa ng isang cleaning operation sa lugar ng Cebu City.

Sa kadahilanang marami ang mga bumibili kaya sumuway sa utos ng batas ng lipunan, trabaho lang ng mga awtoridad ang ginawang pag-iimpound ng mga illegal street vendors ngunit nang makita na pinupulot ng tindero ang mga nagkalat niyang mga panindang balut ay nalungkot ito.

Ayon sa saksi sa pangyayari, "sana ay hindi na lang sana umabot sa ganoon ang pangyayari maaaring dinaan na lang sana sa maayos na usapan at hindi na kailangan pang tumapon ang mga iba't ibang paninda sa daan."

dagdag pa ng nakasaksi nakita niya kung paano trinato ang mga street vendors ng mga awtoridad na sana ay nag-usap na lamang sila ng mabuti at saka maayos na kinumpiska ang mga kariton. Hindi na sana pinagtatapon ang mga paninda dahil kung susumahin ay mahal din ang mga iyon.

Hinaing pa ng netizen na marangal na naghahanap buhay si kuya. Alam rin naman daw ng mga illegal street vendors na huhulihin sila ng mga awtoridad pero kailangan lang daw talaga nilang magtinda para may pangkain at mabuhay.


Taiwanese, isinumbong kay Tulfo ang MMDA

Isang Taiwanese sa Pilipinas ang naglakas-loob na lumapit sa programang Raffy Tulfo in Action upang isumbong ang Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) na kumumpiska sa kaniyang bisikleta noon lamang Enero 18.

Ayon sa 29-anyos na si Liu Peng Shieh, nagtungo lamang siya sa kaniyang shop sa Baclaran, Paranaque nang kunin ng mga taga-MMDA ang kaniyang bisikleta na nagkakahalaga ng mahigit kumulang P10,000. Aminado naman siya na ipinwesto niya ito sa sidewalk kaya marahil kinumpiska ito ng awtoridad.

Nang kinukuha na ang kaniyang bisikleta, agad namang nagpakilala si Shieh bilang may-ari. Humingi ito ng paumanhin ngunit hindi pa rin ibanalik sa kaniya ang kaniyang bisikleta at dinala pa sa impounding area.

Noong Enero 20 ay naibalik ang bisikleta kay Shieh ngunit giit niya nawawala na ang ilan sa mga bahagi nito.

Inirikomenda ni Raffy Tulfo sa MMDA na palitan na lamang ang bisikleta ng dayuhan lalo pa at lumilitaw na hindi makatarungan ang ginawa ng mga empleyadong kumumpiska rito ngunit tugon ng MMDA kailangan muna itong dumaan sa imbestigasyon.

Sa huli, nangako na lamang si Tulfo na bibilhan niya ng panibagong bisikleta si Shieh ngunit hirit nito kailangan pa ring panagutan ang ginawa ng MMDA sa kaniya.


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