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Colon Cancer Has The Most Cases Of Cancer Types In Taiwan

 According to the Health Promotion Administration (HPA) of Taiwan, colon cancer is the most common form of cancer that affects most people living in Taiwan. Colon cancer continued to be the highest number of cases in Taiwan for 11th consecutive years.

Colon cancer followed by lung cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer and oral cancer have the most number of cases. Although the numbers of patients having these types of cancers are decreasing through the years as recommended to have regular checkups.

Colon cancer is a type of cancer formed in the large intestine (colon) as this is the final part of man’s digestive tract. In most cases colon cancer begins on a clumps of cells that are called polyps and overtime these polyps become colon cancer cells.

Common symptoms of colon cancers includes the following:
1.      Change in bowel habits
2.      Change in consistency of stool that lasts four weeks
3.      Rectal bleeding or having blood on stool
4.      Abdominal discomfort
5.      Fatigue
6.      Weight loss

Doctors recommend regular and routine checkup to prevent colon cancers and to remove polyps before they turn into cancer.

Robotic Arm Designed And Ready To Serve Bubble Milk Tea

With an aim to ensure the quality of the popular drink, bubble milk tea, a very first designed robotic arm ready to make and shake any fresh cup of milk tea. The designer of the robotic arm said that it can help to shake about 100 cups per hour.

Bubble milk tea is the most celebrated drink in Taiwan and gaining popularity worldwide. The perfect cup must be shake well and it is a tiring job to everyone and that is the main purpose of the robotic arm.

The robotic arm is capable of adding tea, sugar, tapioca pearls or any other ingredients into the cup and shake it for about 30 to 40 seconds. Although it still needs a little support to manpower to do the cooking of tapioca pearls. There lots of mixer in the market but this robotic arm is special as it makes sure that every cup of a bubble milk tea is evenly mixed.

A Taiwan government funded organization teamed up the local suppliers and food machinery to build this robotic arm and the future is bright.

Six E-Sports Medal Games To Debut in 2019 SEA Games In Manila

Six Gold Medal games for Electronics Sports (eSports) in 2019 Southeast Asian Games will welcome its first competition in the Philippines. The eSports in SEA games will be accredited by Asian Electronics Sports Federation, eSports is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

The competition is divided in three platforms naming console, PC and mobile with two games in each platform totaling 6 medals. Razer a well-known gaming hardware manufacturer will be the partner for the hardware to use to the competition.

For PC eSports competition:
1.      Dota 2
2.      Starcraft II

For Smartpohnes eSports Competition
1.      Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
2.      Arena of Valor

For Console eSports Competition:
1.      Tekken 7
2.      (Still undergoing evaluation)

The 6th and final e-sport game will be announced in a few weeks as it is still undergoing evaluation process. All e-sports competition are gender inclusive, it means that all games can be played by both men and women.

Taitung Set To Welcome First Ray Of Sunshine Of 2019

Taitung one of the major cities that lies in the southeastern coast of Taiwan facing the Pacific Ocean. Its position geographically is the very first place to witness the first ray of sunshine in Taiwan of the coming year of 2019.

Taitung County has a coastline of 170 kilometers and one of the best place in Taiwan to welcome the new year and the tourism bureau already planned activities for visitors in the County.

Tiamali Township plans to have a flag raising ceremony with running events around its beach shores while Sanxiantai will welcome its visitors for its annual sunrise viewing, a tradition in Taiwan.

Hotels and Inns in Taitung are almost fully booked by the Taiwan’s local citizens, visitors and tourists. Taitung is well known for its Orchid Island and Green Island, as tourist flock on the nature and beautiful islands.

Hsinchu City Retains As The Most Happiest In Taiwan

The City of Hsinchu retains the title of the most happiest city and data show it’s the city’s third straight year on top. According to survey made by Economic Daily News and Nan Shan Life Insurance Co reveals that the national happiness index of Hsinchu City is the highest among all cities and counties in Taiwan.

Hsinchu City reached the percentage of 78.6% and recorded as the highest percentage of all time. Taitung County make a big leap on the chart from 11thplace last year to second place this year, as the country is truck by typhoon and earthquakes last year. Hsinchu County retains the third spot to complete the top three, while Chiayi County finish last place with a lowly 24.9%

Hsinchu Train Station
Big cities and counties of Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung all drop spots in the list while New Taipei retains in its position.

List of the happiest city in Taiwan as Hsinchu City leading the pact according to survey.
1. Hsinchu City
2. Taitung County
3. Hsinchu County
4. Yilan County
5. Hualien County
6. Taipei City
7. Chiayi City
8. Miaoli County
9. Taoyuan City
10. Wuhu County
11. New Taipei City
12. Tainan County
13. Taichung County
14. Pingtung County
15. Changhua County
16. Nantou County
17. Kaohsiung County
18. Keelung City
19. Yunlin County
20. Chiayi County

Big City
The survey is done last October 3 to November 17, 2018 and the result of the survey reveal before the year ends. Valid of about more than 22,000 samples of aged 20 years old and above and is done via telephone in the whole island of Taiwan.

Smartphone Manufacturer Gionee Files For Bankruptcy

The application for liquidation bankruptcy of Chinese manufacturer brand Gionee have been accepted by the court of Shenzhen in China. Yet another Chinese smartphone company going to close, Gionee owe more than US$2.9 Billion (Php150 Billion) to 648 creditors according to reports.

Reports states that Gionee chairman Liu Lirong reportedly lost about US$1.4 Billion while gambling in a casino in Saipan. Although the chairman did not admit regarding the gambling that he use the company’s money to gamble, instead he admitted losing “only” US$144million.

The company have been losing US$14.4 million a month between 2013 and 2015 and doubled the loses in 2016 and 2017. Reportedly consultants were hired to restructure the company to streamline and create a plan to move them out of the chaos.

Gionee was founded in 2002 and had been a decent and prominent smartphone player that have a market shares in China, India, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Algeria. In 2017, Gionee captured the 4.6% of the market in India due to their selfie centric smartphones.

Taiwan Hiring To Be Alert And Cautious In Early 2019

According to a US based advisory firm ManpowerGroup, employer in Taiwan will be alert and caution in hiring when 2019 kicks in. Being watchful of the net hiring is due to the growing tensions if the United States-China trade war. Some Taiwanese companies already mulling out of China to have their businesses working.

Taiwan’s manufacturing sector still has its growth but its net hiring for the first quarter fall 2% according to the survey made by the firm group. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) has the number of migrant workers in terms of working in the manufacturing industry of Taiwan especially in electronics, semiconductor and food manufacturing.

Its transportation, warehousing, communication, retail and wholesale industry stood the best in terms of net hiring but unluckily only few OFW are hired in this kind of sectors.

Employers are looking to expand the its manpower by exerting more skills to their workforce and be flexible to other jobs in the first period. While other employers will decide to cut jobs and others will stay the same number of manpower. The net hiring outlook for financial, insurance and real estate industry also fell, survey shows.

Although Taiwan has still a high percentage in net hiring even its total percentage fall rank second in net hiring. Japan has the highest net hiring in Asia Pacific region, HongKong comes third followed by China and Singapore, according to the surveys made by ManpowerGroup.

New Year Countdown Party In Taipei Have Been Announced

The 2019 New year’s Eve Countdown Party will be in front of the City Hall with a magnificent view of the iconic Taipei 101 as Taipei’s Department of information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) announced on a press release. 

The party will be part of the most awaited annual fireworks display of Taipei 101 welcoming year 2019 as several locals, visitor and foreign tourist will flock in the event.

The countdown party will feature several artists and celebrities that include Korean pop group EXID, local celcbrities A-Mei, Ben Wu, Ting Ting, Lu Kuo-wei to name a few. Event organizers also invited DJ Cookie and will a collaboration performance with pianist Rueibin Chen as they will perform one of a kind musical.

With the dazzling lights of performing artists of more than 6 hours of non-stop songs and dances. Also includes 4K resolution viewing technology to watch the countdown, integrating to different mobile applications.

For more detailed information regarding the event: visit


Illegal Fee Charging of Taiwan Brokers Sparked Anger From Migrant Workers

Migrant workers in Taiwan have staged a protest regarding the illegal charging of recruitment fees to have a new contract demanding the Ministry of Labor (MOL) to clamp down brokers.

One migrant protester from Indonesia said that a certain broker is asking for a NT$75,000 (Php127,000) to get a new job to avoid being sent back to its mother country. The migrant worker able to pay what the broker ask but instead received an illegal job. The complainant go to the local authority but not accepted since it has lack of evidence.

The other protester from Vietnam complains about their high placement fee ranging from NT120,000 – NT210,000 (Php200,000 – Php350,000) on a three year contract.

It is very common on Taiwan that brokers charge different fees, the 2016 amendment of Employment Service Act is that migrant workers are relived to any placement fees once renewing a contract. Tha amendment act also abolished the rule that you have to leave Taiwan after a three year contract.

The gloomy part for migrant workers is that they can only rely on brokers in Taiwan to do the job finding or job searching as it is dominated mainly by Taiwan brokers.

Asus, Trend Micro Tops The List Of Taiwan International Brand Value

Last month, a list have been released containing the 2018 Taiwan International Brand Value where ASUS, Trend Micro still ahead of other Taiwan global brands. This list was sponsored by Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan.

span lang="EN-US">

Although with a -4% brand value in 2018, Asustek Computers still tops the Taiwan global brands with 16.19% (US$ 1.619 Billion) total international brand value while Trend Micro comes second with 14.95% (US$1.495Billion). The steady Want Want Holdings Limited holds the third place with US$897Million.

Rounding up the top five are CTBC holdings (US$603Million) and Advantech (US$500Million). Both brands show strong demands that earns their spot. From 6th to 10th spots are Cathay Financial Holdings, Bicycle Brand Giant, 85 degrees CafĂ©, Acer and Mediatek. MSI re-enter the top 20 brand that have more focused on E-Sports.
Source (IDB, Ministry of Economic Affairs)
Taiwan electronics, semiconductor and technology sectors maintain the proper growth to at least catch up in the demand of the high technology society. The Taiwan international brands mentioned have grown by 0.2% even facing some global uproar as they maintain a steady growth.


NT1Million Penalty To Repeat Offenders Of Meat Smuggling In Taiwan

Taiwan have push their restriction to high level by bringing a maximum fine of NT$1,000,000 or around 1.7Million pesos for repeat offenders of meat smuggling. Offenders from country or areas which is affected by the African Swine Fever (ASF) are strictly checked.

In a recent amendment by the country which has a fine of maximum of NT300,000 (Php510,000) is not worth since repeated offenders have been caught. Therefore adjustment for a higher fine of NT$1,000,000 will suffice as is passed by the Legislature of Taiwan according to Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine (BAPHIQ).

For first time offenders will face a fine of NT$200,000 (Php320,000), for second offender a  maximum fine NT$1,000,000  coming from areas with ASF according to the director general of BAPHIQ.

From areas that has reported with avian flu or foot and mouth disease, first offenders will face a fine of NT$30,000 (Php51,000), second offenders at NT$300,000 (Php510,000) and still NT$1million for the third offenders.

As from the non-outbreak area that bring meat illegally will face amount of NT$10,000 (Php17,000) for first time offenders, NT$100,000 (Php170,000) for second offenders and NT$300,000 (Php510,000) for third offenders. All of the mention fines are in effect.


Caretakers, Domestic Helpers In Taiwan To Raise Minimum Wage to NT19,000?

The minimum wage of caretakers, caregivers, domestic helpers currently seats at NT$ 17,000 or around Php28,500 per month. A closed door meeting from labor chiefs of Taiwan have been held concerning the the rights of migrant workers in Taiwan, specially the dometic household workers.

Indonesian Minister of Manpower arrived in Taiwan to have a talk and raise concerns of fellow countrymen. Indonesian domestic helpers tops the chart in terms of numbers of migrant workers in Taiwan, Philippines comes second.

The Indonesian government open up and requesting a raise for the caregivers, caretakers and domestic helpers from NT$17,000 to NT$19,000 (Php32,000). If one group raises minimum wage, therefore all domestic helpers will have a raise if it will be approved by the Taiwan government.

This group of workers are not inuded in Taiwan's Labor Standards Act and earn less than who work in factories like electronics, semiconductor, textile and others.

There are about 253,000 plus caregivers, caretakers and  household workers in Taiwan that mainly come from Indonesia (193,187) while others from the Philippines (31,600) and Vietnam (28,392). 

Biometrics, Facial Recognition and Palm Scanner on ATM Have Introduced In Taiwan

During the FinTech Taipei, several bank companies have introduced the automated teller machines or ATM equipped with biometrics, facial recognition and palm scanners and an anti-crime software.

Very soon these kinds of ATM will be likely to expand all over the country. The bank company (CTBC Bank Co.) have spent months in creating and developing an anti-crime software with meetings with National Police Agency.

The facial recognition will help a lot as anyone are required to remove masks, helmets, caps, eyeglasses to verify the owner of the card and still required to key in the ATM card password. Taishin International Bank already applied facial recognition system.

Another bank company (Bank SinoPac) have acquired the palm scanner on ATM, this is to differentiate twins on having identical facial recognition but different in palm structures. All of these aims to have a good security system on demands of high technology.

Employers To Acquire Respite Care Services To Give Foreign Caregivers The Vacation Leave Without Hesitation

To secure the health and well-being of the foreign and migrant caregivers, caretakers and household workers, Taiwan Government have approved the so called respite care assistance to the employers. It is a care assistance on a temporary basis given to the Taiwanese families with workers having minimum wage, according to the Ministry of Labor (MOL).

On the new regulation of respite care assistance, Taiwanese nationals who have hired any foreign or migrant caregiver or caretakers to take care of their family member with severe disability, individuals that are living alone and those elderly aged 70 years old and above are qualified for the care assistance.

On this move by the government of Taiwan, foreign caregiver and caretaker can now have their vacation leave for a maximum of 21 days as the labor law granted them. Taiwanese families who have foreign workers that wish for the vacation leave may file an application for the respite care services as long as they are eligible.

Caregivers and caretakers that are taking care of the mentioned eligibility may tell their employers in advance for their leave so that they can have a vacation in their homeland. This will help the employer to file their application in advance for the assistance program.

Subsidy for the assistance program depends in economic situation of the employer. If the household is low income, it will be giver a full funded respite care assistance, while those middle to high with at least average income will be given 95 percent and 85 percent respectively.

According to reports, an amount of NT$182 Million (PHP309 Million) will be used for the implementation of the short term relief assistance program for caregivers. Caregivers or families that wish to avail a respite care service or like to know more information can call the hotline 1966.

About 28,000 foreign workers as caregivers and caretakers will benefit from the respite care services. There are about 253,000 plus household workers in Taiwan that mainly come from Indonesia (193,187) while others from the Philippines (31,600) and Vietnam (28,392). Fellow OFW will have a chance to have their splendid vacation at home.

Labor law for foreign / migrant workers regarding leave;

All migrant workers in Taiwan are entitled for a 14-21 day vacation leave on the day they their choice prior it is told and filed in advance and is granted by the labor law of the country. This is a paid vacation as credit is given to the migrant workers.

Although not all employers are in favor for this as they need full assistance and some are working beyond the expected working hours. For caregivers, caretakers and household workers this kind of working hours is abuse to their right as a migrant worker. Others are forcefully work straight without rest days or off days and not even paid.

Household workers are still calling to raise their salary at least up to the minimum wage for proper compensation and hard work. The respite care assistance program is somehow a relief to those working in household.

(Images from Google search)

Panel Makers Innolux and AUO In Taiwan To Face Oversupply and Pricing Pressure

Flat-panel and regular-panel makers will face a heavily oversupplied and expect a pricing by 2019 comes in, according to Morgan Stanley (a technology hardware research). The pressure of oversupply could come mid of 2019 up to end of third quarter of the year as international TV brands are to increase stocks for the year-end holidays.

Taiwan panel giants Innolux Corporation and AU Optronics Corporation may possibly be affected on the oversupplying of flat-panels. This is due to the Chinese manufacturers continues to add new capacities. The competition for panel makers have been to a high level specially to the demand of high technology society.

Innolux Corporation has 14 factory plants and rooted in Taiwan with its major plants located in Miaoli and Tainan that have complete range of 3.5G up to 8.6G production line and it offers advanced display integration solutions with a global ambition. The company has a total display solutions on a full range of large, medium, small LCD panels and touch control screen solution, also includes 4K and 2K ultra high resolution displays (with 8K display), AMOLED and OLED, IGZO and 3D displays. Innolux supplies many customers in consumer electronics manufacturers.

AU Optronics Corporation (Acer Technology and Unipac Optoelectronics) is also one of the global leaders in optoelectronics and display solution provider. Also rooted in Taiwan and spreading across overseas, AUO complete of production line from 3.5G to 8.5G with full range of panel size and have all types of display applications. AUO also provides green solution of solar modules, energy power plant service and platforms on energy management.

Expansion plans of BOE Technology Group Co, China Star Optoelectronics, CEC-IRICO and CEC-Panda from China will surely to see supply and outpace more demands by 2019 compared to 2018. The oversupply of large TFT-LCD panel will likely to increase in the first half of 2019, 2 times higher of supply than the second half of 2018.

The oversupply of stock means low volume of production since there is enough orders from customers and low production means less overtime and working time for some employees. Although both Innolux and AUO’s profitability will be affected, they may somehow dodge the oversupply of demands.

Especially AUO strong execution as it has upgraded its products and technology which the general public have turned on to thin bezel panel, 4K2K resolution display and ultra large products. This products are turning and developing on AUO’s favor. AUO would be great and defensive against the expansion of Chinese panel makers due its expansion discipline, flexibility and performance, according to analysts.

Forecast from the report that Innolux and AUO will still increase its earnings despite the effects of the panel prices. Innolux needs a product diversification and more business upgrade in order to cope in the coming years. The increasing demand of active matrix organic light emitting diode or AMOLED used in different smartphones is the only positive aspect to support both companies as silicon LCD panels are on downward pace.

Employees on both companies are still positive that they can achieve their goals and take a good competition in the growing panel manufacturing industry.

(Images credit to Google search)

Exploring Yehliu, Shifen And Jiufen In One Day Via KKDay

Yehliu Geopark, Shifen’s Old Street and Waterfalls and Jiufen Old Street are the most common tourists spot in northern Taiwan and northeastern Taipei. It is a weekend and expect lots of visitors and tourist all over. There were no direct transportation between the three, but by means of a voucher you may visit the three locations in 1 full day.

Bought 2 vouchers from KKDay (a travel agency) and you may present the voucher, printed or by electronic mail, before the start of the trip. Set for the meeting place at the East gate of Taipei Main Station “Eric” our tour guide from KKDay (with a mini flag of KKDay) called for everyone who holds the vouchers as he checked one by one.

KKDay bus
Eric now has a total of around 25 tourists from different countries and surprisingly we use a bus instead of 2 vans which is very comfortable. Complimentary with a bottle of water you won’t get thirsty in the bus ride. Eric throws a lot of stories and Trivia while on the ride of our three different destinations, you will never get bored.

Ocean view at Yehliu Geopark

10:15am arrived at Yehliu Geopark;

Yehliu Geopeark home of the famous Queen’s Head, this geopark is forms by natural events like earthquakes and others. Forming different kind of rock formation and is divided into three parts. Entrance tickets costs NT80 (Php136) and is applicable in the whole area. Great ocean view and lots of stuffs can do here, it may get crowded is some parts and it is very worth the visit.

Queen's Head

12:10pm arrived at Shifen Old Street;

Arrived in Shifen noon time, there are lots of tourists around the area specially at the train track where they fly the colorful lanterns. Of course its our turn also to fly lanterns with written wishes and prayers in it. Sadly, due to traffic congestion during weekend the tour bus is not allowed to go to the parking to Shifen Waterfalls but still you can go but make sure to get back in time in the old street. Since we have only limited time in Shifen, we just eat out different foods in the area like stuffed chicken wings, Taiwanese sausage and sticky rice, yakult smoothie, mango smoothie.

Sausage and Sticky rice
Similar to sapin sapin

02:25pm arrived at Jiufen Old Street;

Since it is weekend and part of regulation of Jiufen, no private bus is allowed to pass by Jiufen Old Street, our bus stops at the parking of bus of Keelung buses. We have to commute using the regular buses costs NT$15 (Php25) around 10minute ride.

Located in the northern part facing the Pacific, Jiufen Old Street has a taste of yesteryear mixing the old and modern charms. There are lots of food stalls and souvenir shops around the area. You are hungry? That is not a problem, there are lots of free taste like pineapple cakes, taro balls, seaweeds, dried fruits, nougat, tea and others. You also find here lots of red lanterns and lamps giving it a charming ambience while walking.

08:15am meet up in Taipei Main Station
09:00am ETD of bus going to Yehliu
10:00am Yehliu Geopark
11:30am Shifen Old Street
02:00pm Jiufen Old Street
04:00pm ETD Jiufen Bus Parking
05:00pm ETA in Taipei Main Station

Overall the KKDay experience for this tour is worth it. 5pm still very early to go back to the hotel or inn, this is the best time to go around a night market. There are many night markets to choose from, Shilin night market, Raohe night market, Shida nigh market, even Ximending youth shopping district. It would be the very best choice to cap your day.


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