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Will The Philippines Largest Food Chain Make A Comeback In Taiwan?

On a post written in Chinese stating that Jollibee the largest food chain in the Philippines has its interests back to Taiwan. According to the post, a Philippine representative already sent a letter to Taiwan Franchise Promotion Association that will look for a partner to stand a Jollibee fast food in Taiwan.

Although no location is brought to the post, a picture of menu which includes fried chickens and French fries are seen. Filipinos in Taiwan are getting to the hype that the food chain will make a comeback.

See below for the Chinese post and its translation in English.

Chinese post:

台灣連鎖加盟促進協會 02-25235118 分機119 周芳宇主任 分機117劉懿瑤襄理”

Translated in English;
“The Philippine brand Jollibee (Happy Bee), through the representative office in the Philippines, sent a letter to the Taiwan Franchise Promotion Association to find Taiwan's cooperative partners. Jollibee is the largest local fast food group in the Philippines, with more than 200 overseas branches. It is spread all over the Middle East, the United States, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong and other countries. It has open a new branch in Milan and London this year. The group will set up a base for overseas evaluation, and the population of the Philippines must reach more than 10,000 people, currently Taiwan has 150,000 Filipino population in Taiwan, very suitable for the development of the brand to Taiwan, welcome companies who want to know more, welcome to call (Taiwan Franchise Promotion Association 02-25235118 Extension 119).”

Filipinos expressing their excitement over this post and are hoping that somehow it will considered since Filipinos have the 3rd largest of migrants in Taiwan.

(images firom Jollibee Taiwan Facebook Page)

Harmony and Peace In The Mountains Of Sagada

This is a quick story of our 3 days and 2 nights adventure in the town of Sagada. We booked a tour from Travel Now Asia (Joiner’s Tour) for easy travel, we have a very good and smooth ride with a lively driver and tour guide. They pick us up in Mabalacat, Pampanga at around 10:00 in the evening of a Thursday, although the original meeting place is in Quezon City, Manila.

It is a 9 hour van ride before we reach our first destination, it is the Banaue Welcome Arc and Banaue Rice Terraces. What a piece of beauty and it is like heaven on earth landscapes.

We have our early lunch at Rock Inn and Orange Farm, pick oranges for a very small amount. We somehow pass up for the Sumaging cave due to our body is so tired, badly need a rest and sleep. After a power 2hr sleep, we roam the little cold town of Sagada, eat their traditional delicacy pinikpikan and a lemon pie (and egg pie) at Lemon Pie House. Buy some souvenirs around the area, coffee is a must. There are lots of local restaurants around, must try them all and take note almost all stores close at 09:00pm as curfew is alive here.

Sagada delicacy: Pinikpikan

Hanging coffins

The next day, we visit the Sagada Cemetery (if you are a local in Sagada you burial is free), along the way is the Echo Valley and echoes goes back when you shout. About 15mins trek up to the popular Hanging Coffins of Sagada, this is their tradition and ritual.
Egg pie and Lemon pie

Bomod-Ok Falls

A very natural and delicious yogurt was served before the trek to Bomod-Ok Falls. The trek takes 2 hours down to the falls (better trek early in the morning) and yes you have to trek up going back. Local tour guides will give you sticks to be used for trekking.

Gaia Restaurant

Kamote fries and Veggie burger

We go straight to Gaia Restaurant, That thing called tadahana, the restaurant that popularize from the movie. The restaurant serves vegetarian meals. When the tank is full we are headed to Sagada Museum where a local from the town discussed every things and artifacts inside the museum.

Jeepney ride, Sagada way

For our last day, we go up to Mt.Kiltepan early morning (around 04:30am) to catch the sunrise and sea of clouds. The weather is not fine we haven’t seen the sunrise properly and bit cloudy, fog all over the place.

Before a long ride going back home, visit and buy pasalubong at Sagada Weaving where everything are properly weaved. Bought a couple bracelet (replicating Rastaclat design). On the way, we passed by the highest peak where a vehicle can reach located in Atok, Benguet and in the afternoon also have a quick pasalubong buying in Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet.

Day 0: Thursday
10:00pm – Pick up at Mabalacat, Pampanga

Day 1: Friday
08:00am – Banaue Welcome Arc
08:30am – Banaue Rice Terraces
10:00am – Rock Orange Farm / Lunch and Orange Picking
01:00pm – Check in
02:30pm – Sumaging Cave
07:00pm – Dinner (Lemon Pie and Pinikpikan)

Day 2: Saturday
08:00am – Sagada cemetery
08:30am – Echo Valley
09:00am – Hanging Coffins
11:00am – Trek to Bomod-Ok Falls
01:00pm – Bomod-Ok Falls
04:00pm – Gaia Restaurant
05:00pm – Sagada Museum
06:00pm – Lake Danum
07:00pm – Dinner

Day 3: Sunday
05:00am – Mt.Kiltepan
09:00am – Sagada Weaving
11:00am – Highest Peak
04:00pm – Strawberry Farm / La Trinidad, Benguet
08:00pm – Mabalacat, Pampanga


Five Industry Sectors In Taiwan Where Filipinos Work

Filipino population rank 3rd in terms of foreign / migrant workers in Taiwan behind Indonesia and Thailand. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) seeks more financial stability where lot of companies in Taiwan are looking for hand working and skilled Filipinos. Unlike Japan or Korea every OFW applicant is not required to study their language which is Chinese / Mandarin, basic English language is accepted.

OFW’s are everywhere in the country and mostly working on industry sectors that include Electronics, Semiconductor, Textile, Food Manufacturing and the Domestic and Agricultural industry in Taiwan. The economic growth of Taiwan still boosting due to global demands of international market of the high technology society.

1.      Electronics Sector

Probably the most popular industry in Taiwan, the electronics sector is internationally praised as one of the best. Electronics that includes computers, optoelectronics, panel and monitor assembly where lots of OFW have position of production operator and inspector. Popular and big companies like Yageo Corporation, Walsin Technology, Largan Precision, AU Optronics, Canon, Panasonic, Catcher Technology to name a few.


2.      Semiconductor Sector

Taiwan is one of the best and leading in terms of semiconductor industry. This is one of the reason why OFW always looks for job in the semiconductor industry as related to their experience where semiconductor companies in Philippines are many. Top semiconductor companies like Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE), Siliconware Presicion (SPIL), Tong Hsing Corporation, Powertech Technology, King Yuan Electronics, Ardentec, Vanguard International are some where OFW are aplenty.

3.      Textile Sector

There lots of textile companies in Taiwan, employers look for hard workers when it comes to textile. The textile industry in Taiwan shows innovation and internationally known, sportswear and uniform of the last Asian Games in Indonesia are mostly made in Taiwan. Major textile company exporter includes Formosa Taffeta, Far Eastern New Century, Super Textile Corp and others.

4.      Food Manufacturing Sector

Taiwan food manufacturing sector are also good as its products are exported around Asia. Foods that export noodles, dried fruits and other dried products and nuts. The company I-MEI Foods Corp is known to directly hire around 200 OFW to avoid the brokerage system and enjoy the company benefits. Local and international companies like Uni-President, Evergreen Corp, Viva Corporation.

5.      Domestic and Agricultural Sector

A lot of migrant workers specially coming from Southeast Asia are in the sector of Domestic and Agriculture. Many OFW are domestic helpers, care giver, care takers, nursing aide in the private home of many Taiwanese or on some hospitals for the aged. Agriculture sector for OFW are mostly fishermen on southern part of Taiwan and others are farmers like fruit and vegetable pickers.

Although Taiwan has good industries in machining, petroleum, chemical, metal, mining and others, the companies of those sectors only hire lesser Filipinos but many other migrant workers from other countries. There are also teachers in cram school and nurses in some hospitals in Taiwan. Still, Filipino workers in Taiwan prefer in factories as production line of Electronics and Semiconductor industry. No doubt that Filipinos are everywhere contributing to the growth of the economy of Taiwan.

(Images credit to Google search)

Manufacturing Sector Of Taiwan Set To Rise Owing Global Demands

Taiwan’s manufacturing sector continue to go high due to global demands according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the country. The data of increase is much higher compared to the same period of last year (2017). The continues global demands will much probably continue up to 2019.

The output of electronics component makers rose as the launches of innovative and new mobile devices by local and international mobile devices, prices of DRAM and IC also increase. Computer and optoelectronics sector also saw increase in production because of much higher demands of computers, solid state drivers, memory drivers and other semiconductor inspection equipment.

Taiwan’s chemical , petroleum, metal and machinery sectors gained the most. The chemical and petroleum sector escalates its gain due to rising crude oil prices in the global market continue to improve the prices of chemical and petroleum products. Metal and machinery sectors gains continue to rise with respect to the higher international raw material prices.

The fourth quarter of every year is always a peak for electronics industry for both local and international as it is the quarter of the end-of-year sales season and also where holiday season of giving enters. For the above sectors many OFW are working in electronics, computer and optoelectronics sectors as they see more production (continuous overtime work schedules).

Taiwan’s semiconductor industry;

The semiconductor industry of Taiwan expects to grow more for 2019 at least five percent according to Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). In the years ahead, rising orders of integrated IC, back-end chip packaging from leading international manufacturers advance technology will most likely benefit the semiconductor industry of Taiwan.

New technology and innovation will drive the rising semiconductor industry. Among semiconductor company in Taiwan are: leading Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC), Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE), Siliconware Precision International (SPIL), Amkor technology, Powertech Technology Corporation (PTI) to name a few.

ITRI sets three recommendation for the growing semiconductor industry, these is to make use of gathering complimentary companies, to increase new product development relating to artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of things (IoT) and build a multinational environment in it.

US-China trade war brings downgrade to manufacturing growth;

The rising tension of trade war between the US – China could hurt the and a possible decrease in raw materials use for manufacturing. This trade war cause a huge concern for domestic and international factors, the Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center believes Taiwan’s economic growth will take a turn if the trade war between the two countries continuous.

Uncertainty surrounds the cooling demands of smartphones and computers as competition on high end technology goes deeper. The United States claims that China is not obedient enough in recognizing legitimate patents and their policies are against the foreign imported technology as Chinese laws continue to counter intellectual property rights in which their Chinese partners approved to grant access and consent to use, improve and replicate technologies.

By the start of 2019, salaries of minimum wage earner in Taiwan set to increase, from NT$22,000 to NT$23,100 this still shows the country has a good economic growth and surely recover to the trade war of the two countries.

(image credit to Google search)

Charm and Glory Of Old Street And Waterfalls In Shifen

One of the best spots in Taiwan is Shifen located in Pingxi District, Taipei. Surrounded by nature forestry, lake and river this is a must go place when visiting and travelling Taiwan. Enjoy flying a lantern at Shifen Old Street and be amazed with Shifen Scenic Area where you can find the 20 meter high Shifen Waterfalls.

Shifen is a coal mining village during the Japanese era, the train tracks are mainly used to transport the coals. Today, the track transformed for commuter train and is still functioning catering the needs of every passenger going along Pingxi.

Fly a lantern at Shifen Old Street

Pingxi District as a whole is known for its Lantern Festival, where thousands of locals and tourist gather and fly a sky lantern. In the early civilization, a sky lantern is used as for those who are living and working in railroad mining industry.

Shifen Old Street have varieties of foods stalls and souvenir shops. Their popular food in the area is stuffed chicken wings (literally a chicken wing with sticky rice inside) , expect long lines for this food when the train arrives. A good food after a 40 minute train ride.  

Stuffed chicken wings

You can paint you wishes on a lantern and fly them. There are many shops offering sky lantern at Shifen Old Street and they have almost identical pricing. A one colored lantern (mostly red) costs NT$150 (Php250), a four colored lantern costs NT$200 (Php340) and a eight colored lantern priced between NT$250-2580 (Php425-480). Every color of a lantern has a meaning, it could be love, hope, peace, strength and other.

Anyone in the store will surely politely assists you to fly the lantern, and don’t you worry about your picture souvenir with the lantern before it flies as they are good photographer and videographer too. Don’t forget to buy you mini lantern keychain souvenir in the shops.

Always be watchful when you are in the train tracks, the train is passing on those same train tracks although the locals will warn everyone if the train is almost near Shifen Old Street.

Shifen Waterfalls

Shifen waterfalls is the most scenic area in Taiwan, the waterfall is 20 meter high located at Shifen Scenic Area.

It is a 15-20minute walk from Shifen Old Street, you can opt for a taxi but it is only the halfway, you still need to walk. Well, walking is a good exercise plus enjoying the view of nature. Everyone will cross two suspension bridge (you must have your balancing act). At the end of the second bridge is the Shifen waterfall park where food stalls and souvenir shops are located.

There are lots viewing deck to view the shifen waterfall and you will left in awe on how amazing the waterfall is. Although, no one is allowed to have a swim in the falls.

How to get to Shifen?

From Taipei Main Station, ride MRT Blue line (Bannan Line) and get off to Zhongxiao Xinsheng station and use Exit 2. Take a bus (Bus# 1601 and 1602) to Ruifang Train Station, this is around 40minutes bus ride. At Ruifang Train Station, use Platform 3 for the Pingxi Line. Ride the old looking train up to Shifen Station, you will get off at Shifen Old Street. By train, ride a TRA train going to Ruifang Station and transfer to Pingxi Line to Shifen.

Discover Heritage At 228 Peace Memorial Park And National Taiwan Museum

 Located in Zhonzheng District in downtown Taipei, 228 Peace Memorial Park is one of the great and historical parks in the small country of Taiwan. The 228 park is a memorial park dedicated to the victim of the February 28 incident. The 228 Peace Memorial Park was called in the past as Taipei Park then changed to “New Park In The Past” as this the oldest park in Taipei that was established during the Qing Dynasty.

The park is very relaxing and many place to have your photo opportunities and be amazed to structures built around the park.
The park has many visitors and tourist including local Taiwanese during weekend looking to relax. Admission to the park is free.

What happen in the February 28 incident (2/28) and its history?

According to reports, at the end of World War II and after the colonization of the Japanese in the island, they transferred the administrative governance to China. The Government of China has the opposition party which called the Kuomintang Party (KMT). The Chinese civil war leads the KMT flee from the mainland and re-establish a Chinese governance in Taipei.

Due to the economic monopoly of KMT government, on February 27, 1947 people gathered in front of a police station to protest resulting to assault and confrontation that one soldier fire into the crowd killing one. The next day, February 28, larger groups gather at Taipei Park as the government use military force to detain and arrest the protesters but resulting to hundreds with injuries and deaths. Casualties recorded range from 10,000 to 30,000.

In 1996 the park was renamed to 228 Peace Memorial Park to dedicate to the innocent people that wish for democracy in the past event. A monument have also raised into park remembering the bravery of the people.

Discovering National Taiwan Museum;

Another landmark located also at the park is the National Taiwan Museum, the oldest museum in Taiwan that was built in 1908. The museum exhibit several artifacts, heritage, culture and events of Taiwan. Entrance fee to the National Taiwan Museum is only NT30 (Php50), good for a quick stop visiting the memorial park. The museum also offer exhibition tours just ask around, local Taiwanese are very kind in assisting anyone here.

With a Greek style building with column towers, a majestic domed hall will welcome you and five exhibits will be witnessed: zoology, botany, anthropology, earth science and education that includes the Kangxi Taiwan old maps and the blue and yellow tiger flag of Republic of Formosa (now Taiwan).

Next to the main building is the museum’s Taiwan Land bank Exhibition Hall you may it shows information regarding the financial material and data of Taiwan, also in here is a replica of giant dinosaur National Taiwan museum is open from 09:00am to 05:00pm daily.

How to go there?
From Taipei Main Station, ride MRT Red line (Tamsui – Xianshan line) and get off at NTU Hospital station. It is only one station away from the main station. The park is nearby other famous landmark like Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and the Presidential Office Building.

Revenue, Net Income Goes Up And Down For The Popular Taiwan Companies Among Filipinos

When Filipino job hunters looks for jobs in the Philippines going to Taiwan, they search for best company. Although same in basic salary, this companies differ in every aspects. Companies that give better benefits, allowances, bonus, a good dormitory to name a few. Also finished contract overseas filipino workers (OFW) are also studying how every company is perferming so that when they head back home, they know where to apply. 

Walsin, Vanguard, Chipmos Soars On Profit, Net Income And Revenue

Walsin Technology Corporation, Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation and Chipmos Technology Corporation have seen its profits, net income and revenue soars according to published reports. Reports shown that these three companies have doubled their revenues. More revenues meaning more production and customer needs, strong demands of the company services results to big earnings.

Walsin a passive components  supplier boosted strong earning and buyback plans. While its rival Yageo Corporation (same product) slows down. Main products includes multiple-layer ceramic chip (MLCC) capacitor, chip-resistor, RF components, disc capacitor, varistor, inductor and chip fuse.

Wafer demands and Factory utilization makes Vanguard earning rise. The strong demand of the 8 inch wafer foundry for making integrated chips as the company also looking to expand its wafer fabrication factory.

Chipmos tripled its earning due to the strong demands of LCD driver IC clients. The assembly and testing service ability of the company contributes to its total earnings.

Big earning of companies makes stable job for local and migrant workers. Strong demands means good working environment and settings.

Big Companies of Cather, Pegatron, Yageo, Chunghua Presicion Test Slows Down

Bigger companies Catcher Technology, Pegatron Corporation, Yageo Corporation and Chunghwa Precision Test has a season of slow down this year. Though a little bit of struggle doesn’t mean that these companies are not good.

Catcher Technology supplies light metal casings and enclosures for Apple’s Iphones, Ipads and MacBooks saw a net income drop. It is due to higher taxes and lower foreign-exchange gains. The company downplays the weak demands for its customer, the new Apple Iphone XR. Still expected to rise in the coming quarters as the holiday season comes in.

Pegatron Corporation and Yageo Corporation slows down as its clients struggle with large inventories after Chinese demand drops due to trade dispute between US and China. Both companies set to move their China factory to other location to continue their production. Yageo now investing to Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Dafa Industrial Park) to continue its core production while Pegatron studying to move overseas. Both company insists that all of their manufacturing factories are running in full capacity.

Chungwa Precision Test, Taiwan’s largerst provider of probe card testing services report a decline on its net profit. Although according to its research and development team, it has fixed the problem and ready to pick up in the next quarters.

Every company's gain and loss always affects to its employees. All of the companies mentioned above have just finished hiring or have an upcoming interview in the Philippines for Filipinos. Position needed were Production and machine operators, engineers and technician. 

(images credit to Google search)

Great City View From Taipei 101 Observatory Deck

Observatory deck view

There is a saying in Taiwan that you never been to Formosa if you do not have a picture with skyscraper of the country, Taipei 101. Visitors and tourists always flock to Taipei 101 and its mall as it is the best landmark for everyone. It is very accessible via the comfortable Metro MRT.

The entrance of the observatory deck is located at the 5th floor of Taipei 101 mall. The first five floors are occupied by stalls, shops like Nike, Adidas, Apple, Sony, Zara and many others. Also luxury and flagship brands like Burberry, Dior, Gucci, LV, Cartier, etc. The popular Taiwanese restaurant Din Tai Fung is located at the groud floor.

Taipei 101

After your luxury shopping, go up to the towering Taipei 101 observatory for a stunning view of the city and you may also learn how the skyscraper is built in its mini theater.

Ride one of the fastest elevator in the world travelling at 60.6kph and it only takes 37 seconds from 5th floor to 89th floor. Marvel and be amazed for city view at the 89th floor in all directions.

37 seconds from 5th floor to 89th flr

There are food stalls and souvenir shop around the observatory while having your pose with the city view. There are also coin operated telescope around the area. The best time to go up is during sunset up to early evening as you will also see the lights of the city come alive.

You may also go out up to the highest floor at the 91stfloor at a height of 392 m (1,285 ft) also known as the outside observatory. It only opens when the weather is fine. be careful with your stuffs as it can fly with as whip of a wind. You may access outside observatory via a stair going up.

On to the 88th floor are multimedia mirror corridor and if you are rich enough to buy a souvenir at Treasure sky (some pearl bracelets costs million NT dollars).

Mass tuned wind damper at 88th flr

Also at the 88th floor, have a look at a world class tuned mass damper that weighs 660 tons as it is the first tuned mass damper that open to public for watching. The tuned mass damper stabilize the building caused by wind vibrations, it works like a shock absorber.

The observatory deck may become crowded during weekends as locals and tourists from different countries enjoy their time taking picture and mesmerizing with the view. Queue of long lines at the ticket booths and elevator may also take during weekends specially in the afternoon.

Night time view

Ticket Prices:
General Admission Ticket priced at NT$600 (Php1,050)
Student Ticket priced at NT$540 (Php920)
Children under 115cm are free admission

Ticket booth
Regular ticket brought includes discounts and vouchers to the food stalls and souvenir shops at the top. Travel agency Klook and KKDay offers discounts in ticket purchase to the Observatory Deck.

How to get there? 
From Taipei Main Station, ride MRT Red Line (Tamsui - Xingxian line) up to Taipei 101. Have your way up to the 5th floor of Taipei 101 mall as it serves as the entrance to the top. The observatory deck opens from 9:00am to 10:00pm and last ticket purchase is at 09:00pm.

Organic Dark Chocolate Halted By Taiwan At The Border

Batch of organic chocolate brank Klaus from France have stopped by Taiwan at the border. The chocolate contains excessive level of pesticide called Pipronyl Butoxide, reported by Central News Agency.

Klaus is a 90% organic dark chocolate and the batch of boxes contained 0.06parts per million. This substance is not allowed to be found in any chocolate products.

Pipronyl Butoxide is a substance that listed from low to medium toxic level. Taking too much of this substance has a possibility of liver cancer.

440kg of this substance on a batch of 200boxes have been found by the Food and Drug Administration of Taiwan. An average adult should no consume more than 12mg of this substance per day.

Maximum NT200,000 Fine For Drunk Driving In Taiwan

Drunk driving in Taiwan is punishable by law with a maximum fine up to NT$200,000 (Php345,000). If caught, an officer will ask for a breath test and if if the breathalyzer measurement was over 0.55mg/L they will issue the penalty.

For some test two bottles of beer, it measures 0.66mg/L, therefore these two bottles of beer before driving will set you back for a penalty if caught. For migrant workers, residence permit can be cancelled and ordered to leave Taiwan and possibly blacklisted (will no longer allowed to work in Taiwan).

The penalty for drivers vary on type of vehicle, the bigger the vehicle the bigger the penalty. Vehicles can be a bicycle, electric bicycle, scooter or a car.

Broker agencies with regards to migrant workers;

Agencies always give warning to migrant workers on not operate any vehicle under the influence of alcohol. This policy is very aggressive that it reflects how the courts of Taiwan are handling this kind of violations of migrants.

Any migrant workers caught drunk driving can be put into a jail or pay a hefty fine. By doing illegal in Taiwan, a migrant worker’s work permit will be terminated by the Ministry of Labor. When the work permit have been cancelled, next will be suspension of residence permit and without it the heavy penalty will be deportation and possibly will be blacklisted and unable to work back in in Taiwan.

Any migrant inquiry may call Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor (1955 hotline).

A breathalyzer test;

A blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.25mg/L and up (or around 0.05% in the blood) will result in a violation. Drivers that exceed the limits of BAC will be subjected to penalties under the Regulations Governing Traffic Violations and Penalties. Any drivers despite of whatever vehicle is used are not allowed to drive even with those non-license vehicles (bicycle, electric – bicycle).

Regulations Governing Traffic Violations and Penalties;

By summary of the Article 35 stated above, drivers whose BAC is exceeding the designated limits is subjected for penal fine. License of the accused driver will be revoked. Penalties will be doubled if violations are committed and caused accidents while travelling with children under 12yrs of age.

License of those drivers that have caused serious accidents, serious injuries and deaths will be cancelled permanently. Refusing for a breathalyzer test will automatically fine NTD90,000 (Php 153,000) and the vehicle will be towed, then the driver will be sent by police or officers to the nearest medical institution to take blood samples for alcohol test.

(image credit to Google search)

Migrants In Taiwan Asks For A Strict Anti-Discrimination Law

Migrant attendees and organizations on a press conference request and hope that the government of Taiwan would find a way to stop them to view the migrants as second-class citizens.

Although Taiwan already adopts the anti-discrimination law, the Ministry Of Justice is reviewing all aspects if it is necessary to adopt special law.

The agency also said that the Taiwan government already implemented handful of measures for the benefit of new immigrants. Benefits include care services, development fund and social welfare services to name few.

The Ministry of Interior of Taiwan pledged NT$320million budget dedicated for the new immigrants and this budget is well handled according to the rules and regulation of the country.

If Migrants Workers Seeks For Help..

OFW may go directly to any offices of Manila Economic and Cultural Office located in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung. The Philippines office representative in Taiwan will refer any appeal to the Ministry of Labor.

The Ministry Of Labor also set up a 24 hour consultation and protection hotline “1955” for any complaint, the consultation is available in native language of foreign / migrant worker.

Any foreign or migrant worker in Taiwan who encounter disagreements within their labor contract or labor rights may go directly to Ministry Of Labor or Foreign Workers Consultation Service Center of each County for assistance. There are currently 22 Foreign Workers Consultation Service Centers around Taiwan that have bilingual consultation personnel (English, Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese).


Closer Relations To The Business World Of Taiwan To Promote By Bato Dela Rosa

Ronald Dela Rosa talking to Filipinos

Philippines Director of the Bureau of Corrections Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa said he will actively promote a closer relations to the business worlds of Taiwan, if successful on his bid to run sa Senator on the next election.

Dela Rosa arrived in Taiwan and visit the I-Mei factory in Nankan area in Taoyuan City. I-Mei have directly hired about 200 Filipinos last year held in Manila and Davao City without worrying about the significant fees from the brokers.

Greeted by warm welcome from the staffs and fellow Filipinos, Dela Rosa urged them to stay away from illegal drugs. The former PNP chief sample some products from I-MEI while enjoying songs and dances from Filipino staffs.

About E-MEI direct hiring;

On 4th quarter of 2017 and 2nd quarter of 2018, E-MEI Foods International company in Taiwan directly hired 200 Filipinos from the capital city Manila and southern city of Davao. This is a two day recruiting event with coordination with the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

Direct hiring means being free from the hefty brokerage system of Taiwan. Also this is a no placement fee job order directed from the company.

On Ronald Dela Rosa's bid for senator;

Ronald 'Bato' Dela Rosa will run for senator in the Philippine Elections in May 2019, the former chief of police promised for the return of the death penalty for drug traffickers and heinous crimes and more generally focused for legislative security.

"God willing, if I'm lucky, I’ll focus on law enforcement, safety and security, peace and order, and of course, corrections," according to Dela Rosa.

(image credit to Google search)


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