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Grocery store owners being challenged by youth to open their own community pantries


A youth organization has challenged grocery store owners to open their own versions of community pantries to feed residents whose employment and livelihoods have been impacted by the COVID-19 surge's tight lockdowns.


Members of the Samahan ng Progresibong Kabataan (Spark) staged a visual demonstration by marching to many grocery stores and taking pictures of themselves while holding placards asking why wealthy and millionaire mall owners are unable to replicate what average people have done.


“It is only logical to ask, if it’s possible for ordinary people to reach out, then why can’t billionaires do it as well? With all the riches they have accumulated throughout their decades of operations and unfair labor practices, opening their stores and bodegas is the least they can do,” Spark spokesperson John Lazaro said.


Even after the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the profits of neighborhood pantry donors cannot be contrasted to the large riches of mall and supermarket operators.


As organizers set up temporary stalls where residents who were left with little or no money after the lockdowns would get their food for the day, the neighborhood pantry has become a hot subject.


While it was praised as a positive move, others questioned whether it was necessary to monitor the pantries because they could be hazardous to public health, particularly if some people fail to follow precautions such as physical separation and wearing face masks, which could lead to COVID-19 transmissions.


Following the overcrowding at actress Angel Locsin's community pantry, several government agencies discussed the feasibility of overseeing pantries and requiring organizers to report their operations to city municipalities.


Due to an increase in COVID-19 incidents, Metro Manila and the surrounding provinces of Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal were put under an enhanced neighborhood quarantine (ECQ). The tight lockdowns resulted in a significant drop in some sectors' earnings, and some sectors claim that the government's P1,000 per eligible family member is insufficient to meet basic needs for even a week.


President Tsai Ing-wen reponds to the article saying Taiwan is now most dangerous place on earth

Taiwan is now the "most dangerous place on earth" as it becomes "an arena for the rivalry between China and the United States," according to the London-base international magazine The Economist warned in its latest issue, CNA reported.

President Tsai Ing-wen said The Economist article highlighted the threat that China's military expansion poses to the Taiwan Strait and the surrounding areas.

"I hope the Beijing authorities come to realize that the PLA's actions in this regard contradict their own proclamations of China's "peaceful rise" and are only driving greater international concern," she wrote.

"But though Taiwan does face a real threat from China, I want to assure everyone that our government is fully capable of managing all potential risks and protecting our country from danger," she added.

Meanwhile, Johnny Chiang, chairman of Kuomintang, Taiwan's main opposition party, told reporters on the sideline of a religious event that The Economist article echoed his view that the Taiwan Strait should not become a battleground for superpowers vying for influence.



Taiwan named as the most dangerous place on earth per London-base magazine The Economist

London-base international magazine The Economist named Taiwan as the "most dangerous place on earth" as it becomes "an arena for the rivalry between China and the United States."

The magazine said in an article that the U.S.' "strategic ambiguity" over Taiwan's security is breaking down and the U.S. is coming to fear that it may no longer be able to deter China from seizing Taiwan by force.

"Although the United States is not treaty-bound to defend Taiwan, a Chinese assault would be a test of America's military might and its diplomatic and political resolve," quoted from Phil Davidson, chief of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, as saying that China may attack Taiwan before 2027.

The article suggested that Taiwan must start to devote fewer resources to expensive weapons that are vulnerable to Chinese missiles and more to tactics and technologies that would frustrate an invasion.

The article did not offer any suggestions or analysis of how all sides - the U.S., China and Taiwan - can reduce tensions and find a diplomatic solution.

The Economist article ended by saying: "Nowhere presents such a test of statesmanship as the most dangerous place on Earth."


India-like COVID-19 surge 'big possibility' in Philippines if protocols ignored, response not boosted, Duque says


If citizens do not adhere to minimum public health requirements and the pandemic response is not stepped up, the Philippines could experience a surge close to what is currently occurring in India.


After being asked about some health experts' fears that the country might experience a "India-like" spike in COVID-19, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said this in an ANC interview on Friday, April 30.


“if we don’t follow the minimum public health standard, and if we do not intensify our COVID-19 pandemic response, like what has happened in India and also in some other countries where the second or third waves are being experienced, that’s a big possibility,” Duque said.


India, the world's most populated nation, has been experiencing a significant outbreak of infections, with regular reports of record-breaking new cases and multiple deaths.


“This is a lesson we all need to learn about what's going on in other countries; we can't all bury our heads in the sand and pretend everything is fine,” Duque said.


“There’s always ways of doing things better. It’s very dynamic, every day you have to read, every day you have to watch out for what’s happening, what are the best practices, what are the practices that are worth avoiding,” he added.


More than 1 million cases of COVID-19 infections have been reported in the Philippines after more than a year of the pandemic. According to the Department of Health (DOH), there are 1,028,738 confirmed cases, 942,239 recoveries, and 17,145 deaths in the country as of April 29.


UMC to expand production with new plant worth NT$100 billion in southern Taiwan

United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC), the second-largest contract chipmaker in Taiwan, announced on Wednesday an investment project worth NT$100 billion (US$3.58 billion) aimed at expanding capacity at its 300 mm Fab 12A Phase 6 (P6) in Tainan, southern Taiwan.

The investment was made through collaboration with several of its leading global customers, the Hsinchu-headquartered silicon wafer foundry said in a press release.

"Under this mutually beneficial arrangement, these customers will each make a deposit that secures their long-term chip supply at P6 using pre-determined pricing that will enable UMC to grow organically and meet its long-term profitability and market relevance goals," the company said.

S.C. Chien, a co-president of UMC, touted the P6 cooperation model as a strategic partnership between the company and its customers, aimed at securing mutual commitment and healthy collective growth for all the firms involved.

The P6 program is supported by a multi-year product alignment between UMC and the customers involved, with a loading protection mechanism to ensure that capacity is maintained at healthy utilization rates, he said.

P6 will be equipped with 28-nanometer tools that have the flexibility to produce smaller nodes down to 14nm, so that it can accommodate customers' future development, he added.

Furthermore, the building structure for UMC's Fab 12A P6, located in the Tainan Science Park, is already built, adding a time-to-market advantage versus building a new fab from scratch, Chien said.

According to UMC, the P6 expansion is scheduled to begin production in the second quarter of 2023, with total investment for the project reaching NT$100 billion. -Central News Agency



ASE recieve demand boost of modules from Apple for its 5G iPad Pro

ASE Technology Holding will see its antenna in package (FC-AiP) receive a significant boost in the months ahead as the company have landed orders for processing AiP modules for Apple.

Apple's newly released 5G iPad Pro devices see orders up for ASE and L its EMS subsidiary Universal Scientific Industrial (USI).

The new iPad Pro will use at least one more AiP modules than iPhone 12 Pro models, adding growth to ASE Technology and other supply chain players.

Dual-band AiP modules applicable to both sub-6GHz and mmWave transmission will be increasingly adopted in flagship handsets and other mobile devices in 2021.

Demand for FC-AiP packaging services will turn more in 2021, and ASE and its affiliate Siliconware Precision Industries (SPIL) are also expected to land the majority of orders from Qualcomm, MediaTek and Unisoc.

ASE is also to benefit from the growing penetration of Wi-Fi 6/6E in routers, handsets, tablets and notebooks by packaging related chips with its mature SiP (system in package) technology, Digitimes reported.


Direct Hiring: Advantech Corporation in Taiwan directly hiring factory workers

Advantech Corporation in Taiwan accepts applicants for transfers, layoffs and thise who have expiring contracts. Interested applicants may go directly to PanAsia Chungli.

Check below announcement:

About Advantech: 

Advantech’s corporate vision is to enable an intelligent planet. The company is a global leader in the fields of IoT intelligent systems and embedded platforms. 

To embrace the trends of IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence, Advantech promotes IoT hardware and software solutions with the Edge Intelligence WISE-PaaS core to assist business partners and clients in connecting their industrial chains.

*This site is not a recruitment agency nor agent, to apply please visit above mentioned recruitment agency.


Taiwan to shorten quarantine to 7 days for arrivals who are fully vaccinated

Arrivals in Taiwan who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 could be allowed to shorten their quarantine from 14 to seven days as soon as mid-May, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) said Monday.

These arrivals would be able to apply to cut their quarantine short if they became fully vaccinated more than one month prior to visiting Taiwan, said Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shih-chung, who also heads the CECC, at a press briefing in Taipei.

Further eligibility requirements include having to present proof of a negative COVID-19 test result before their flight and another negative test for COVID-19 on the seventh day after their arrival.

They must also be tested for antibodies in Taiwan, although the CECC has not yet decided how such a test would be carried out, Chen said.

Applications could open for travelers as early as mid-May, though only a limited number would be approved in the beginning, according to Chen.

Taiwan began in March last year to require all arrivals to the country to quarantine for 14 days, a requirement that has been eased for business travelers from certain countries deemed at lower risk of COVID-19 and high-level foreign officials.

On April 15, the CECC announced that it would lift all quarantine requirements for flight crews two weeks after they receive their second COVID-19 vaccine dose, the first time the center has waived entry requirements for those who are fully vaccinated. -Central News Agency (AP Photo)


Viral ang bonggang community pantry dahil may iba’t ibang uri ng pagkain


Isang grupo ang nag tatag ng community pantry sa Maguindanao na kung saan mapapansin na  may mga manok, isda mga ibat ibang uri ng mga gulay at prutas at marami pang ibang pagkain na masasarap.


Ginawa ito para makatulong sa mga kababayan natin na nagugutom dahil walang pang bili ng pag kain at kapos palad kahit sino ay maaaring kumuha mayaman man o mahirap.


Paalala lamang ng grupong gumawa ng community pantry ay dapat kumuha lamang ayon sa pangangailangan magtira para sa iba at sinusunod naman ito ng karamihan.


Ang iba naman ay nag dadala pa na pwede nilang ipalit sa kanilang kinuha para na rin makatulong sila sa community pantry katulad nalang noong unang panahon na kung saan nauso ang mga palitan na tinatawag nating barter.


Sana ay mag tulo-tuloy ang magandang Gawain na ito sa datu Saudi maguindanao at hindi lang ditto maging sa ibang karatig ng bayan dahil malaking tulong ito para sa nakakarami at sa mga kababayan nating nagugutom.


3 easy steps to get a digital National ID


The PhilSys will revolutionize how services are provided and accessed in the Philippines, speeding up our transition to a digital economy by enabling presenceless, paperless, and cashless transactions, among other things.


A fundamental digital ID system, such as PhilSys, can help to create a country. It will allow the Philippines to transition away from inefficient and costly physical records, procedures, and certificates and toward digital alternatives.


Here are the 3 steps to get National ID

Step 1: Collecting demographic information and appointment-setting for Step 2 using the online registration portal that will open this April 2021.

Here is the following information:

- Name

- Sex

- Date of birth

- Place of birth

- Blood type

- Address


And other optional information such as marital status, cell phone number, and email address.

You may also make an appointment for Step 2 at a registration center near you after submitting the required information.


Step 2: Obtaining biometric data such as a fingerprint, iris check, and front-facing selfie, as well as record validation.

This step will be held at the registration center you selected from Step 1 registration. Don't forget to bring your transaction number for this step!

For the list of supporting documents that can be brought [no. 7] you can check at this site


Step 3: Issuance of PhilSys Number (PSN) and PhilID

Your PSN and PhilID will be delivered to your home by PHLPost! Please note that do not post your PhilID on social media as it contains your personal information.


If you have any concerns or questions, please refer to the following feedback channels:



Hotline: 1388 (fees may apply)


More than 230,000 migrant caregivers in Taiwan to benefit from the occupational accident insurance act

More than 230,000 foreign migrants working as a domestic helper or caregiver in Taiwan will benefit from the Occupational Accident Insurance and Protection Act.

The new law stipulates two months of full salary payout for those suffering from an occupational injury or disease.

According to the new act, any employer failing to sign their workers up for occupational accident insurance will be faced with a fine of up to NT$100,000.

Insurance payouts cover the areas of medical treatment, injury/disease, disability, death and disappearance. Occupational injury or disease benefits are set at 100 percent of a person's insured salary in the first two months, and 70 percent until the application ends.

Additionally, those doing temporary work in Taiwan are also eligible like those who are working at construction sites.

The date for the new act to become effective will be decided by the Cabinet, which has not given any as of press time. (Photo by Huang Chung-hsin)



New law in Taiwan to require employers for occupational accident insurance for all workers

Taiwan's Legislature on Friday passed the Occupational Accident Insurance and Protection Act, touted as a gift for workers around the country ahead of the May 1 Labor Day, because the new law stipulates two months of full salary payout for those suffering from an occupational injury or disease.

The legislation, which covers all employees in Taiwan including foreigners, integrates the prevention of occupational hazard, compensation and rehabilitation into one single law, said Liao Hui-fang, chairperson of Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Link (TOSHL), one of the civil groups devoted to promoting the birth of the act.

The act lays a "new landmark" in Taiwan's efforts to push for occupational safety, Liao said, praising the legislation as an important gift for workers ahead of Labor Day.

Under the new act, employers are required to sign their workers up for occupational accident insurance on their first day at work, regardless of the size of the company.

Before the legislation, only companies employing five or more workers are required to have labor insurance for their workers, which covers occupational accident insurance and protection, while insurance enrollment is voluntary for companies with fewer than five people.

Thanks to the passage of the Occupational Accident Insurance and Protection Act, no legally hired workers, including interns and domestic helpers, are excluded from occupational accident insurance, while those working without an employer can also opt for such insurance.

The new law also applies to all foreigners hired to work in Taiwan.

However, it was unclear whether the law would require employers to enroll and pay for people who are employed as "contractors," such as foreigners who work as translators, food delivery drivers or part-time workers. - Context from Central News Agency



Taiwanese researchers found new treatment against COVID-19 and limit the virus' to replicate

Taiwanese researchers have found that combining two existing drugs with COVID-19 medication remdesivir could be effective in limiting the ability of the disease's virus to replicate, Academia Sinica said.

A research team led by Carmay Lim of Academia Sinica's Institute of Biomedical Sciences and Hanna Yuan of the Institute of Molecular Biology found that disulfiram, a drug to support chronic alcoholism treatment, and ebselen, a drug for depression and mania, can effectively inhibit SARS-CoV-2 replication when combined with remdesivir.

According to the team, disulfiram and ebselen have been available on the market for years and are relatively inexpensive, making them highly accessible, especially for less-affluent countries looking for a viable way to treat the disease.

The team was able to inhibit the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in Vero cells, which are used as host cells for growing viruses, by using the three drugs in combination, but the findings still need to be tested in clinical trials, Lim said.

According to one of the researchers, Chen Ting, remdesivir has been scientifically proven to inhibit the replication of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but certain "nonstructural proteins" have enabled the virus to resist drugs like remdesivir as it replicates and evade immune responses.

Her team's strategy was to target those proteins to prevent SARS-CoV-2 genome replication and to create a high barrier to viral resistance and/or evasion of antiviral drugs, and the team found that disulfiram and ebeselen were effective in this area.

The study was published last month by the publication ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science. -Central News Agency


Isang lola ang pagala- gala dahil hindi na pinabalik ng kaniyang amo sa pagtatrabaho


Marami saating mga Pilipino ang nawalan ng trabaho noong kasagsagan ng COVID-19 taong 2020 at marami rin ang mga naghihirap dahil sa kakulangan sa sahod at halos ang iba sa atin ay umaasa na lamang sa ayuda galing sa gobyerno.


Sa kabilang banda ang matandang ito na nag ngangalang Maria Dumalinog siya ay nakatira pa sa lugar ng Leyte at ngayon siya ay humihingi ng tulong dahil nung una siya ay pumapasok bilang isang katulong sa loob ng BF homes.


Simula noong lockdown taong 2020 siya ay pansamantalang nag day-off lang para makita ang kanyang mga anak sa kanila kaya nag desisyon muna itong manghingi ng day off at pansamantala muna siyang umuwi.


Bigla nalang umano hindi na ito pinabalik ng kanyang amo sa BF homes dahil narin siguro nakahanap ng bagong katulong ang kanyang amo o kaya iniiwasan nila ang kanilang katulong dahil sila ay nagtitipid muna at pwede ring sila ay umiiwasan baka may dalang virus ang mga katulong na paalis alis sa bahay.


Maraming sa mga netizen ang naawa sa matandang babae dahil siya ay pa gala-gala nalang sa kalye kaya isang netizen ang tumulong na laging binibigyan ng pagkain, sana may tumulong pa sakanya.


Former Dishwasher now a top chef in Dubai


'Never give up and still strive for improvement than the day before,' top Filipino chef Ricardo Bojador advises his fellow overseas Filipino staff.


Ricardo Bojador, then a working student in college pursuing a career in law, sponsored himself by washing dishes at a five-star hotel in Ermita, Manila. “I started out in the kitchen as a dishwasher in one of the five-star hotels, then moved on to fast-food restaurants,” Bojador said.


Bojador, 42 years old and still continues to serve in a five-star hotel, but now as the executive chef of a plush world-class fine-dining restaurant in Dubai.


Bojador, a Bicolano, had to drop out of University of the East – Recto to live full-time and feed his siblings and parents.


To his fellow OFWs, Bojador offers these pieces of advice “Focus on your work. Don’t give up and always try to go beyond what you accomplished the day before. You should have progress every day no matter how small.”


Asked about what it is with Filipinos that needs to be changed, Bojador said “Maybe the mindset needs to be improved. Focus and do not procrastinate. Don’t hesitate when an opportunity presents itself for you to help improve the lives of, and inspire, the people around you. Be happy with the success of your fellows and use it to motivate yourself.”


Bojador said he is a “proud Filipino. A big part of where I am now is rooted in where I started” he said.


Officials of Barangay Holy Spirit in QC to file charges against Angel Locsin for violating IATF protocols


Village officials are considering charging Locsin with violating the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) protocols related to the incident.


A village councilor, Jomar Lagarto, said Locsin did not communicate with them about the activity, which is why there is no crowd control mechanism. According to the report, the event was only intended for 300 people, but the attendance grew to nearly 3,000.


“Since somebody died, the PNP (Philippine National Police) has to conduct an investigation. We cannot ascertain yet who could be liable until the completion of the investigation,” Año said.


The community pantry arranged by actress Angel Locsin for her 36th birthday in Barangay Holy Spirit, Quezon City, created a long line of people along Commonwealth Avenue, prompting Ano's remarks.


According to reports, an old man who was among those waiting in line for food and other necessities at the neighborhood pantry lost consciousness and died later at a hospital.


Jukebox King Victor Wood dies at 75 due to COVID-19 complications


Victor Wood, who made his mark as the King of the Jukebox in the Philippines, died on April 23, as a result of COVID-19 complications. He was 75 years old at the time.


On Facebook this afternoon, director Carlo Ortega Cuevas, who worked on Wood's forthcoming biopic "Jukebox King: The Life Story of Victor Wood," paid tribute to the late singer.


“Condolences to the family of one OPM columnist, the JUKEBOX KING Victor Wood. I am blessed because before God rested him I heard from him a story that is now history,” the director said.


“It is a long and fruitful story about life, fame, fall, rise… and death. While he was talking about his childhood, I felt like I was growing up with him.” Cueva added.


The director expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with the Jukebox King, emphasizing that he would never forget the lessons he learnt from him.


Cuevas shared with fans a video of Wood singing “Fraulein,” one of the late musician’s many hits, while he played the guitar.


Raffy Tulfo, magbebenta ng sapatos upang mamigay ng ayuda sa mga supporter


Napagpasyahan ng broadcast journalist na  si Raffy Tulfo na magbenta ng mga koleksyong sapatos at damit nang sa gayon ay makapaghatid siya ng tulong sa mga libo-libong taong nangangailangan.

Sa kaniyang Facebook page na Raffy Tulfo in Action, inanunsyo niya na simula  Lunes (April 26) ay sisimulan na niyang magbenta ng kaniyang mga sapatos at damit na kasama sa kaniyang mga mamahaling koleksyon. 

"Ang bawat isang humihingi ng tulong ay may katapat na isang shoes, damit o gamit ni Idol na ibebenta niya para ang perang napagbentahan ay mapupunta sa mapipiling tutulungan," saad sa video announcement na kaniyang binahagi noong Abril 19.

Dahil sa kaniyang mabuting hangarin, naudyok din ni Tulfo ang kaniyang asawa na si Jocelyn na tumulong at magbenta rin ng ilan sa kaniyang mga koleksyong bag at sapatos.

Upang mapabilang sa mga mabibigyan ng ayuda, kailangan lamang magpadala ng mensahe sa naturang Facebook page.

 Laman ng mensahe ay ang kwento at  ng buhay ng taong humihingi ng tulong, pati na rin ang ilang videos at larawan na magpapatunay sa kanilang kasalukuyang sitwasyon.

Dapat ring ibahagi ng nais makatanggap ng ayuda kung bakit siya ang karapat-dapat na mapili.


Taiwan started issuing re-entry permit for OFWs who desires to go on vacation - MECO

Taiwan Immigration Authority already started issuing re-entry permits to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) who desire to go on a vacation in their home country, Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) announced.

However, those who are willing to go on a vacation must undergo quarantine when they return in Taiwan. 

The expenses of the quarantine will depend in the agreement of both the employer/broker and the worker.

See below advisory:

Apprently, Philippines also require quarantine to all travelers entering the country.


One-time P20,000 cash assistance para sa EC pensioners ng SSS at GSIS, aprubado na

Nilagdaan ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte ang Administrative Order (AO) No. 39 na nagbibigay ng kapangyarihan sa ECC na pagkalooban ng P20,000 cash assitance ang mga employees compensation (EC) pensioners ng GSIS at SSS.

“The adverse effects of the pandemic on the economy, supplementary health necessities for the battle against the virus, and restrictions imposed on our mobility and social interaction, have increased the financial and health burdens experienced by the EC pensioners," saad ng AO. No. 39.

"The ECC is hereby authorized to grant a one-time financial assistance of PHP20,000 to EC pensioners for permanent partial disability, permanent total disability and survivorship, in the private and public sectors, subject to the availability of funds and pertinent laws, rules, and regulations,” dagdag sa AO. No. 39.

Magbibigay ng karampatang rules and regulations (IRR) kasama ang SSS at GSIS para sa one time cash grant.

Ang EC Program ay isang programa ng  gobyerno para magbigay ng compensation package sa public (GSIS) at private (SSS) employees o sa kanilang dependents sakaling ang mga empleyado ay nagkasakit, naaksidente o nasawi habang ginagampanan ang kanilang trabaho.


Violators to e-bike users to penalize big, no passenger and no modification allowed

Electric bicycles or E-bike can ride without a driver's licence in Taiwan because they are free from listing and at relatively cheap prices, they have become one of the main modes of transportation for foreign migrants, students and elderly.

Most of these road conditions are for traffic regulations and safety. Knowledge in driving is inadequate, that is why electric bike traffic accidents increase year by year.

A Police Branch Bureau actively targets groups and premises that use electric bicycles (such as foreign migrants, elderly people, students and centralized staff dormitories, etc.) to emphasize the seriousness of accidents and enhancing people's compliance with regulations and self-defense driving concepts.

Riding electric bicycle must follow:

1. Rider need to wear a safety helmet

2. No passenger allowed

3. Drunk driving is prohibited

4. Follow traffic rules

5. No modification


90-year-old grandmother eats garbage foods in street for daily meal


The photo of the 90-year-old grandma goes viral after they share it on Facebook; we all know that in our world, once you post anything on social media, it can go viral almost instantly because it is too convenient to get support from others.


The grandmother is Lola Lucin, and the concerned netizen is Jun Butac, who claims that he saw Lola Lucin in Maanteng Solsona, Ilocos Norte, and because they are concerned about her situation, which is why they posted on social media to seek assistance from others.


They said in their post that Lola Lucin is suffering in life, which is why she is looking for food in the trash on the street to feed her tummy every day, and that she fits the food into the entire day.


Lola Lucin is still lonely in life, but she has no choice but to persevere in order to feed and live on a regular basis, despite her advanced age because of social media, some people who wanted to support Lola Lucin discovered about it quickly. Ma'am Rona is said to have assisted Lola Lucin in her search for help.


Grandma Lucin is in a terrible condition. Lola Lucin smiled when she was approached for assistance. Having someone to assist her is a gift.


Vegetable vendor donates produce in community pantry in Rizal


Volunteers and donors who enjoy donating are popping up in several parts of the National Capital Region Plus (NCR, Bulacan, Laguna, Cavite, and Rizal), including a small vegetable vendor who shared her products with those people in need.


Nanay Agnes, a vegetable vendor, sells a variety of vegetables on the streets of Taytay, Rizal, on her handmade bike. When a manager of a neighborhood pantry purchased several vegetables from Nanay Agnes, she did not hesitate to donate several bundles of kangkong and sweet potato leaves (kamote tops).


The organizer of the Taytay Communication Pantry is Rhodnie Janolino said that his wife Donna buys vegetable to Nany Agnew worth P200 when she saw the ambulant vendor on bike in Lupang Arenda, Barangay  Sta. Ana.


“Nanay Agnes was surprised why we bought many vegetables. When she learned that they will be shared through the community pantry, she did not hesitate in donating even if my wife insisted to buy them instead. She said she wanted to share even through her own little way” Janolino said on post.


Janolino hopes that by telling his story of Nanay Agnes' generosity, he will inspire and encourage others to help and with the assistance of village officials, fellow youth members of the church-related group based in Purok 3, Road 10, Lupang Arenda, in Barangay Sta. Ana, Taytay, pledge to continue their own pantry-sharing operation, which also provides hot meals to Purok 3's less fortunate residents.


Viral: Grupo ng mga babae, sinimot ang supplies ng isang community pantry

Makikita sa isang video ang paninimot ng isang grupo ng mga babae sa mga laman ng isang community pantry sa Pasig City na ngayon ay viral.

Makikita sa una na puno ng laman ang lamesa ng iba't ibang uri ng pagkain sa Barangay Kapitolyo nang dumating ang grupo ng anim na babae na may mga dalang ecobag.

Kita rin dito na pinalibutan ng mga babae ang lamesa habang kaniya-kaniya na sila nang dampot sa mga nakalagay dito. Huli rin sa camera ang isang babae na bitbit ang dalawang tray ng itlog.

Ilang saglit lang ay simot na ang laman ng mesa. Hindi na nila inisip ang ibang mas nangangailangan.

“Tinawag ko pa nga po sila, sabi ko nakalimutan nila yung lamesa kasi wala na talaga silang tinira. Sabi lang nila, ‘Ibibigay na lang po namin ‘to sa mga kapitbahay namin.’ Sabi ko sa kanila, ‘pwede namang sila na lang pumunta rito kung kailangan din ng mga kapitbahay n’yo,'” pahayag ni Carla Quiogue, ang naglunsad ng community pantry sa nasabing barangay.

"Gusto ko lang i-point sa kanya na yung ginawa nila is pagiging greedy or hindi tama. Kasi marami pang nangangailangan," sabi ni Quiogue. 


Women in cebu was torture, rape and killed by 11 policemen


35-year-old, Ritchie Nepomuceno, one of three women accused of being tortured by cops in a Cebu City police station's secret room, is killed.


Leo Villarino, chief investigator of the Commission on Human Rights-Central Visayas, confirmed that the victim was the same person who accused 11 policemen of extortion.


On Monday, April 19, about 7 p.m., a woman accusing Cebu City police of extortion, torture, and rape was killed. The director of the Integrity Monitoring and Enhancement Group Visayas Field Unit (IMEG-VFU), Police Major Alejandro Batobalonos, reported this the same evening.


The woman also said that she was raped twice by the team leader of the police officers, who were stationed at the Sawang Calero Police Station at the time of the alleged assault.


Nepomuceno was among at least three victims who said they were tortured by at least 11 cops inside a hidden room at the Pasil Police Station 6 (Sawang Calero Police Station) in Cebu City.


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