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MECO advised OFWs in Taiwan regarding on how to redeem tax refunds

The defacto embassy of Philippines in Taiwan, Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) brief the overseas Filipino workers (OFW) there on how to avail income tax refunds.

“Both local residents and migrant workers have the responsibility of filing individual income tax returns based on their respective taxable income. Part of the compensation we earn — such as salaries, stipends, allowances — are taxable income,” said Overseas Welfare Administration (OWWA) case officer Mira Martha Huang.

Remember that the computation of taxable income in Taiwan is based on a full year or from 1 January to 31 December.

“If you filed late, or after 31 May, you will have to pay a penalty. However, no penalty would be imposed if you are qualified for a tax refund even if you filed (the ITR) late,” Huang explained.

“If you have any question, you can seek the assistance of the (Taiwan) tax bureau. You can call us at MECO Labor (07 3987078), or OWWA (07 3982475), and even get help from various NGOs helping OFW,” Huang added.

OFWs in Taiwan may file their income tax return online ( or may go personally at the nearest tax bureau in their area.

Tax refunds in Taiwan can be claimed within five years but a tax refund cheque is only valid for one year.

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