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3 omicron combinations, closely monitored by DOH, WHO

Health authorities are now monitoring three types of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) omicron recombinant XD, XE, and XF.

Recombinant is a combination of two different variants of the virus - something previously said to be common.

The omicron XD variant listed by the World Health Organization as a variant under monitoring was first seen in France.

The omicron XE variant, which is a combination of BA.1 and BA.2 sublineage of the omicron variant remains the variant of concern. This is said to be more dangerous.

The DOH had earlier said that they continue to liaise with the WHO and that they are also continuing to monitor and conduct genome sequencing.

DOH said that there are steps in place to ensure that the recombinant is not spread lightly.

Health authorities reiterated to take booster shots whenerver it is possible.

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