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OFW who used to earn P10k a month in the Philippines, now earn P10k a day in New Zealand

P10,000 per month was the former salary in the Philippines , now, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) working as an insulation installer in New Zealand earns about P10,000 a day.

Mindoro native Darryl Ebora, 35, said he has visited four countries in his six years as an OFW. Currently, Ebora is in New Zealand and working as an insulation installer and team leader.

Ebora enters ceilings and under floors of houses to put insulation so that cold and heat do not enter.

On a typical day, they insulate three houses, and they work for four hours each or 12 hours. It is said that Ebora's income is not less than 5,000 New Zealand dollars or P180,000 per month.

Even if the income is high, the job poses an associated risk to his health and safety. As protection, Ebora needs to wear a protective suit that is warm to the body, mask and gloves.

Although he also worked as an insulation installer in another country he went to, in New Zealand Ebora is said to have experienced the most hardship.


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