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Break up leave, OOTD benefits and more unique “leave and benefits” offered in this company

IXM is one of the leading advertising agency in the Philippines and a member of Hakuhodo, one of Japan's largest marketing company and fourth largest in the world. IXM stands for Ideas X Machina, an allusion to deus ex machine which is founded by Third Domingo.

As the CEO of the company, Domingo gave unique set of company leave and benefits to inspire his people in the company. One of them is the “Date you parents leave”, as he pleased to and requested his employees to take it as the CEO love his parents so much.

Here are some of the unique leave and benefits offered at IXM:

Date Your Parents Leave:
It is a paid leave with a subsidy of P2,000. The leave can be availed 4 times a year so you can take your parents out on a date. Though you have to submit document or evidences of the date by taking a picture of you and your parents enjoying a date.

Breakup Leave:
An employee can take if they break up with their special someone, it is a paid leave.

Fashion Benefits:
IXM employees can participate in a runway style show inside the company and flourish their OOTD fashion. If the style is applauded the employee will receive P4,000 cash benefit. If no applause, they still receive P2,800 as consolation.

Reimbursed Date Expenses:
“We don’t care who or how many you date, just go,” says the CEO. The employee will be subsidized with P1,500 that can avail 4 times a year just to go out on a date with someone.

Wedding Expenses Subsidy:
The company will shoulder reception expenses worth up to P50,000 if married while currently employed.

Subsidized Dating Apps:
The company pays for a premium subscription of an employee to any dating apps.

Movie Passes:
IXM regularly funds movie tickets for its employees to have good time

"Creativity is nourished outside of the office, it’s definitely not inside the office." according to Domingo, by giving those unique sets of leave and benefits.


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