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Five Industry Sectors In Taiwan Where Filipinos Work

Filipino population rank 3rd in terms of foreign / migrant workers in Taiwan behind Indonesia and Thailand. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) seeks more financial stability where lot of companies in Taiwan are looking for hand working and skilled Filipinos. Unlike Japan or Korea every OFW applicant is not required to study their language which is Chinese / Mandarin, basic English language is accepted.

OFW’s are everywhere in the country and mostly working on industry sectors that include Electronics, Semiconductor, Textile, Food Manufacturing and the Domestic and Agricultural industry in Taiwan. The economic growth of Taiwan still boosting due to global demands of international market of the high technology society.

1.      Electronics Sector

Probably the most popular industry in Taiwan, the electronics sector is internationally praised as one of the best. Electronics that includes computers, optoelectronics, panel and monitor assembly where lots of OFW have position of production operator and inspector. Popular and big companies like Yageo Corporation, Walsin Technology, Largan Precision, AU Optronics, Canon, Panasonic, Catcher Technology to name a few.


2.      Semiconductor Sector

Taiwan is one of the best and leading in terms of semiconductor industry. This is one of the reason why OFW always looks for job in the semiconductor industry as related to their experience where semiconductor companies in Philippines are many. Top semiconductor companies like Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE), Siliconware Presicion (SPIL), Tong Hsing Corporation, Powertech Technology, King Yuan Electronics, Ardentec, Vanguard International are some where OFW are aplenty.

3.      Textile Sector

There lots of textile companies in Taiwan, employers look for hard workers when it comes to textile. The textile industry in Taiwan shows innovation and internationally known, sportswear and uniform of the last Asian Games in Indonesia are mostly made in Taiwan. Major textile company exporter includes Formosa Taffeta, Far Eastern New Century, Super Textile Corp and others.

4.      Food Manufacturing Sector

Taiwan food manufacturing sector are also good as its products are exported around Asia. Foods that export noodles, dried fruits and other dried products and nuts. The company I-MEI Foods Corp is known to directly hire around 200 OFW to avoid the brokerage system and enjoy the company benefits. Local and international companies like Uni-President, Evergreen Corp, Viva Corporation.

5.      Domestic and Agricultural Sector

A lot of migrant workers specially coming from Southeast Asia are in the sector of Domestic and Agriculture. Many OFW are domestic helpers, care giver, care takers, nursing aide in the private home of many Taiwanese or on some hospitals for the aged. Agriculture sector for OFW are mostly fishermen on southern part of Taiwan and others are farmers like fruit and vegetable pickers.

Although Taiwan has good industries in machining, petroleum, chemical, metal, mining and others, the companies of those sectors only hire lesser Filipinos but many other migrant workers from other countries. There are also teachers in cram school and nurses in some hospitals in Taiwan. Still, Filipino workers in Taiwan prefer in factories as production line of Electronics and Semiconductor industry. No doubt that Filipinos are everywhere contributing to the growth of the economy of Taiwan.

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  1. I am applying for factory worker.. i am deligent hardworking.. honest passionate at work and flexible


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