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China's Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine approved for emergency use for children 3 to 17 years old

Chinese Embassy announced that China has approved for emergency use the Sinovac-manufactured CoronaVac for children from three to 17 years old.

The Embassy said the approval is based on Phase III clinical trial data that suggest CoronaVac is "at least 98.9 percent effective in producing antibodies, a higher efficacy than in population over 18 years old."

The Embassy said that the study involved 180 volunteers and the results showed the development of antibodies was 98.9 percent to 100 percent 

"Children and adolescents with COVID-19 usually have mild or asymptomatic infections compared to adults," said Gao Qiang, general manager of Sinovac Life Sciences. 

The China-made CoronaVac is currently being used for healthy people aged 18-59.

Meanwhile, only Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccines have been granted emergency use for minors 12 years old and above, an expansion from the previously allowed age of 16 and up.


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