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"World's happiest country" seeks more migrants due to labor shortage


Being tagged as the "World's Happiest Country," many may expect that Finland must be being deluged by people wanting to migrate, but in reality it is not and is actually struggling with an acute workforce shortage.

The lack of immigrants in the country is a long-running problem which was only recognized by businesses and the government itself.

According to recruiter Saku Tihverainen from agency Talented Solutions, workers are needed in Finland "to help cover the cost of the greying generation."

In an article published by GMA News, it was asserted that the government has also warned the nation that their 5.5 million population has to double immigration levels to 20,000-30,000 a year to sustain public services and the current pensions deficit.

Although Finland scores high in international comparisons for quality of life, freedom and gender equality, with little corruption, crime and pollution, these are not enough to attract immigrant workers because of a systemic problem in the country.

Many foreigners actually complain that there is an existing prejudice to non-Finnish applicants in the nation and that employers are reluctant to recognize overseas experience or qualifications.

But right now, the Recruiter Saku Tihverainen is already formulating some solutions and pushing more companies not to limit their working opportunities to native Finnish workers.


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