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Philippines top envoy to Taiwan hopes to abolish "un-Godly" and "criminal" broker fees

Philippine Representative to Taiwan Wilfredo Fernandez hopes to abolish broker fees, placement fees to overseas Filipino workers (OFW).

OFWs needs to pay an average placement fee  of P60,000 to recruitment agencies. Filipino migrant workers coming to Taiwan have long called for the abolishment of placement fees.

“Sixty thousand pesos could mean one hectare of land in the provinces, so that those who can keep their land will have something they can build on, so that agriculture may flourish. It is only right that you just don’t make exorbitant money on the sweat of the workers. That is ungodly. That’s criminal,” Fernandez said

Fernandez, who took over as chairman and resident representative of the Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) on Sept. 1, said he would like to remove brokers entirely.

"Remove the recruitment agencies in Manila, so there will be no placement fee. Recruitment should be done on a government-to-government basis," Fernandez added.

Many Taiwanese employers opt to use recruitment agencies because of the convenience they offer.

Meanwhile, current brokerage fees in Taiwan are paid monthly that costs NT$1,800 for the first year of working in Taiwan, NT$1,700 in the second year and NT$1,500 in the final year.

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