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Netizens admired a police after volunteering to babysit a child while mother goes to market

Several netizens admired and praise the kindness shown by a policewoman in Benguet after taking care of a baby, while the mother of baby does to the wet market.

Police Corporal Nimfa Camis temporarily guarded and took care the baby so that the child's mother could properly bought their needs in the market.

Camis was assigned bu watching over the customers of the Tiongsan rolling store at that time when he saw a mother carrying a baby.

The mother explained to the policewoman that there was no one to take care of the baby so she took him with her and the police understood the situation.

For that reason, Camis volunteered to first to take care of the baby so that the mother could properly buy their needs and to avoid the crowds.

A simple act of kindness shown by the policewoman makes netizens to praise her and there are lots of police understand the situation.


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