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Manage Wounds Using A New Medical Smartphone Application

The smartphone application named AI_SWAS is a newly developed software app that has the smarts to inform user the different condition of a flesh wound. The application was developed by National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH).

By taking a proper photo of the wound, it can determine if the wound is red, swollen, infected or any other condition by using the photo taken. It has an accuracy of 90% according to NTUH which a joint project of National Taiwan University.

It take 3year to develop the application by studying different kinds of wounds and taking about 131 photos from 46 patients in the university hospitals, doctors advice are also available in the application.

With a doctor’s advice given in the application, an individual with less knowledge in medication can manage with situation of the wound anywhere with the application on their smartphone. 

The application will be released soon and it will be free for download to any Android devices, currently being developed for iOS 

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