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Taiwan may introduce minimum wage increase for migrant caregivers to NT$20,000

Taiwan's Ministry of Labor (MOL) says it will soon introduce a minimum wage increase, for private home-based migrant caretakers and domestic helpers.

The ministry agreed to recommend an increase from the current minimum wage of NT$17,000 to at least NT$20,000 for that category of migrant workers, CNA reported.

Most caregivers in Taiwan are women, but their work is not covered by the Labor Standards Act.

The minimum pay hike for that category of migrant workers is also being proposed in light of Taiwan's increase of its monthly minimum wage earlier this year, to NT$25,250. 

Unlike migrant workers employed in the industrial sector, private home-based migrant caretakers and domestic helpers are not covered by Taiwan's Labor Standards Act, which has left their minimum pay stuck at NT$17,000 for the last seven years.

Some caregivers and domestic helpers have been seeking job transfers to earn more money, which has also adversely affected their Taiwanese employers, according to the ministry.

There are some 202,616 migrant workers employed as private-home-based caretakers, and 1,441 as domestic helpers, according to MOL statistics.


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