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Majority Of Lung Cancer Patients In Taiwan Are Non-Smokers

On a report at Shin Kong Wu Ho-su Memorial Hospital in Taiwan, they found out that majority of lung cancer patient are women and whom are non-smokers. One of the most deadly cancer type in the world where unhealthy smoke affect the health of the lungs of a person.

83.5% of diagnosed patients with lung cancer are non-smokers, excluding the habit of smoking other factors of lung cancer include genetics and chronic diseases, also affecting are indoor and outdoor air pollutants.

There are incidents that a patient is very well, exercise daily and eat healthy foods but found to have lung cancer by coughing for two straight weeks.

Airborne pollutants with PM2.5 matter (same air measurement happened to Kaohsiung) have been classified by the World health Organization as the International Agency for Research on Cancer as one of the main cause of lung cancer and respiratory diseases.

Other factors of indoor and outdoor air pollutants include second-hand smoke coming from smokers have second high level of air pollutants, vehicle smoke, incense and cooking fumes from either home or at a restaurant.

Doctors advised smokers who have smoke for about 10-20years who are smoking about 5-10 cigarettes a day must have an appointment for a computed tomography scan (CT Scan) and have regular check ups.


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