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Study: Alcohol Will Make You Speak Foreign Language Fluently

Drinking alcohol lower the level of shyness or self-consciousness making alcohol makes you more brave and speak foreign language fluently. A glass of beer or wine brings signs to your brain and makes your heart pump fast that make your adrenaline work.

In a study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology where it involved 50 German speakers in Maastricht University, each are occasional drinkers and have classes in speaking Dutch, also passed exam in proficiency on that language.

In the study, half were given a glass of water and the other half were given alcohol (amount of alcohol is based on their weight). Then all volunteers have a casual 2 minute conversation with an interviewer in Dutch language.

All of the conversations are recorded and scored by two native Dutch speakers, but the native Dutch person never know who drank the water and the alcohol. The results who drank water and alcohol are surprisingly the same.

The difference is those who drank the alcohol have better fluency and much better pronunciation of every terms compared to those who have water. But an excessive amount of alcohol may result to a unclear speech.

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