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Plastic Easting Microorganism Discovered In Zambales

Researchers have discovered microorganisms that are capable of eating plastic have been discovered in Zambales. The biology department of the University of the Philippines in Baguio pave way for the research.

The microorganisms were discovered in a hyper alkaline spring that contains minenals, iron, sulfate, chloride and others which the group of researchers discovered four strains of bacteria that are capable of biodegrading low-density polyethylene (LDPE) which is most commonly used in plastic materials.

The research is published in the Philippine Science Letters that tell the bacterial strains from rock found at Poon Bato spring in Botolan, Zambales. According to researchers the bacteria significantly reduced the weight of plastic polymer during the 90-day incubation period.

The emerging plastic waste in the Philippines and in the world is a major issue and the research would surely help to reduce the plastic wastes. Though the degradation of plastic by the microorganism are subject to extreme conditions particularly in the hyper alkaline environment.

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