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Study: Habitual Picking Of Own Nose May Lead To Flu and Pneumonia

A habit of picking or wiping one’s nose could lead to flu and pneumonia according to study, doctors have advised the public to frequently wash their hand to remove bacteria and germ build ups that our fingers are used to pick the nose.

In a UK study, it found that bacteria and germs can be transmitted through our dirty fingers and hands that can enter our body into our nose, in this case there will be a high risk of landing a flu or pneumonia. Picking the nose may seem to be harmless habit but after the study it surely not a good idea.

With viruses can easily enter our body through our nose specially when we are out in public places. Viruses and bacteria from different things like mall escalators, door knobs, elevators, bus and train hand rails and any other places, these viruses can last for an hour in our hands.

Doctors advises the often washing of hands, if someone’s immune system is weak these virus that enters the nose could lead to pneumonia. Also, the best is to try not to remove the habit of picking or wiping the nose.

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