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Taiwan plans to allow more migrant workers in the construction sector, mulls to add 3,400 workers

Taiwan's Cabinet is considering a plan that will hire more migrant workers for private construction projects and estimates of hiring additional 3,400 workers.

Taiwan Cabinet held two meetings to discuss the proposal, which is aimed at easing the chronic labor shortages in Taiwan's construction industry according to an official in the Ministry of Labor (MOL).

Under the current version of the plan, the government would scrap a requirement that a private construction project has to have an overall value of at least NT$10 billion in order for it to qualify to hire migrant workers, CNA reported.

For construction bids by individual companies, the threshold for hiring migrant workers would be lowered from NT$1 billion to NT$200 million, which could be comprised of two separate projects with values of at least NT$100 million, the official said.

The project would have to be one of the specific types of construction defined by the government as benefiting the public, such as those related to public infrastructure, sports, tourism, and urban renewal, according to the official.

Although this restriction would exclude many types of private construction, the MOL estimates that it would still allow qualifying companies to hire around 3,400 additional migrant workers.

MOL statistics as of March 2021, there were 713,933 migrant workers in Taiwan and a total of 4,599 worked in the construction sector.


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  1. Can I apply as a Civil Engineer or any Skilled Laborer? Thank you


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