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Tainan City No Longer Require Job Applicants To Include Photographs In Resume

As part of the equality movement of the city of Tainan, the city will no longer require any job applicants to include their photographs in their respective resumes. It will be the first city in Taiwan to do such move to the equality of all.

It was announced by the government regarding the action and the Mayor of the city signed a letter of commitment with Taipei based Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation promising to support the equality movement.

Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation supports burn survivors and people with facial disfigure, as Tainan City also encourage private companies to follow such act. It the one’s skill and knowledge will work and not the facial status of one person.

This move is to remove the discrimination on physical appearance, the city has pasted stickers to promote this campaign. One in eight people in Taiwan is being criticized due to their appearance.

The foundation is looking forward to work together to eliminate such discrimination and unequal treatment on just the basis of physical appearance.

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