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Taiwan ranked 43rd in press freedom in the world, Philippines at 136th spot

Reporters Without Borders compiled 2020 World Press Freedom Index that puts Taiwan at 43rs spot while Philippines is at 136th spot, both countries down a notch from the previous year.

Taiwan is one of just two countries in the Asia that fall in the "fairly good" category of the index, the other country is South Korea at 42nd spot according to the 2020 index.

Philippines is at 136th place down two notches from the previous year mentioning three journalists died in 2019 and were killed by thugs working for local politicians and a 10-year wait of the case of the Ampatuans.

Asia is the world's worst violator in terms of press freedom, with North Korea falling one place to the very bottom while China is at 177th of the 2020 index.

A total of 180 countries and regions were ranked according to the level of freedom available to journalists. Norway topped the list, followed by Finland, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. The top 10 also include Jamaica, Costa Rica, Switzerland, New Zealand and Portugal, in that order.


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