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Taiwan's COVID-19 vaccine candidate, shows great potential in early testing

Taiwan's Adimmune Corporation said on Wednesday (May 6) that it has developed a coronavirus vaccine candidate and shows a  promising result in tests on small animals and plans to begin in human trials on the second half of year, reported CNA.

According to a professor in National Taiwan University Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical Biotechnology, Chang Sui-yuan,  the test vaccine candidate was injected into mouse blood serum and have induced strong antibody responses.

Adimmune Chairman Chan Chi-hsien said the process has been "like running a marathon through an obstacle course" but was very clear that the vaccine's ultimate feasibility remains unknown. He added that if the vaccine can be proven safe and effective, mass-production can take place.

It then hopes to receive approval to begin a phase 1 clinical trial in the third quarter of this year, Chan said. According to him, in a highly optimistic scenario, the vaccine would be available in Taiwan by late winter.

If the effort proves successful, the company would first focus on satisfying domestic demand for the vaccine, while any excess production would likely go to other countries battling the virus, Chan said.

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