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Powertech (PTI) servers attacked by ransomware virus by cyber hackers from China

Semiconductor industry memory packaging and testing plant Powertech Technology Inc (PTI) reportedly hit by a ransomware virus attack this week, Taiwan News reported. The incident led one of its factories to halt operations temporarily.

In response, PTI immediately shut down the affected servers and websites. The cyber hacker targeted the company’s confidential information files.

Company secrets and customer information have not been affected, and production operations in the Hukou plant area are limited.  In addition to strictly guarding against ransomware attacks, I also hope that the government can help avoid and maintain the production order of Taiwanese companies.

National Security Bureau officials yesterday identified the sources of the cyberattacks as China and Russia. These were likely coordinated cyberattacks and test runs by China to sabotage the presidential inauguration, they said.

An initial probe found that the hackers used Internet protocol addresses registered in Europe as springboards to implant backdoor programs and malware into different servers of Taiwan.


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