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Consuming White Rice Increased Risk Of Diabetes

Diabetes is not just about sugary foods, it is also about white rice. Though eating white rice regularly is a common thing as it is part of our daily meal from breakfast, lunch and dinner. Too much eating of white rice may increase the risk in developing type 2 diabetes, according to studies.

White is more popular in Asia as Asians have higher chance of getting diabetes, white rice is overflowed with starch that can easily overload one’s blood sugar. Diabetes shows that it is very rampant in Asia due to white rice is part of every Asian diet and the risk could increase to 11%.

A single bowl of white rice has twice the carbohydrate of one can of a soda where in return it becomes sugar and will be absorbed by the blood, too much of it will be risky, according to the study from Harvard School of public health.

Our pancreas in the body creates insulin that battles diabetes, but with so much white rice, our bloodstream could create sugar spikes that our pancreas cannot withstand. Some noodles that are refined also consider to become sugar when taking too much.

As the old saying, consuming too much of anything is bad to our health, if your body mass index is high there is a possibility of risk of diabetes.

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