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Study: Being In A Good And Happy Relationship Makes You Fat

Based to a new study conducted at the University of Queensland in Australia that wives in good and happy relationships tends to gain weight. Being in a happy relationship has many positive effects to you and to your partner, except one, weight gain.

In the study, researchers have analyzed a decade of data from over 15,000 people and the concluded that couples in a happy relationship gains at least 5.8kg more than when they are single.

“Marriage (or de-facto relationships) comes with spousal obligations such as regular family meals,” according to researchers. 

“While they may include more healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables and less fast food, people often consume larger portion sizes and more calories in the company of others than they do alone, resulting in increased energy intake” they added.

They explained that marriage combined with sharing carry potential unhealthy behaviors eating, watching TV and drinking alcohol together as their findings continue.

The researchers only find less couple that eat more fruits and vegetables and according to couples that they do not need to watch or monitor their weight.

When you are really happy in your relationship, eating will be one of the habit you will take with your partners and without notice, extra pound in your weight is on.


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