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Japanese Nationals Donated Cherry Blossom Seedlings In Baguio City

A group of Japanese nationals have donated 20 cherry blossom seedlings in a country club in Baguio City, these are the same cherry blossom or sakura that blooms in Japan during spring which is a kind of beauty which the cherry trees only bloom once a year.

Cherry blossom is one of the anticipated bloom in Japan and other countries like Korea, Taiwan and others as several tourist will travel and visit such countries to see its beauty. The Baguio Country Club received the donated cherry blossom seedlings by its member Maria Paz-Suzuki.

They bought sample of Baguio soil to test in Japan if the cherry blossom sidling can grow in the city and they learned that it is possible that the trees can grow in the cold climate of Baguio City.

Sakura trees are expected to mature around 3 to 5 years, as the country club aims to plant 100 cherry blossom trees, these trees only bloom for a week every year. These cherry trees symbolizes fragility of life in Japanese culture.

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