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5 Activities To Do In The Ecology Of Gaomei Wetlands In Taichung

Gaomei Wetlands is a land mixed with both sand and soil textures located on the south of the mouth of Dajia River. There are lot of activities you can do in the area of 1,500 acres of the wetlands as there are lots of species like bird, fishes, crabs and others of its ecology due to its geographical features.

Gaomei Wetlands is a popular scenic spot for bikers but there ae still lot of things you can do. Here are the 5 activities you can do in the rich wetland ecology of Gaomei:

1. Watch the beautiful sunset

The best to visit Gaomei Wetlands is in the afternoon, watching the beautiful sunset is the main thing to do while your feet are soaked in the soil and sand of the wetlands. A lot of movies and music videos taken at the wetlands with sunset on the background.

2. Photo ops with the windmills

Windmills that produce recyclable energy are abundant in the area, although the windmills are not new in Taiwan these structures worth having with you in a picture.

3. Excellent location for bird-watching

During fall and winter large group of migratory birds would come at the wetlands making it as the best spot for bird watching. Gaomei Wetlands is the top location in Taiwan for bird-watching.

4. Walk thru the wetland wooden paths

Have your loved one, friends and family walk thru the wooden paths of the wetlands with a great picturesque design and structure as this path is very much lovely adding to the beautiful sunset.

5. Soak your feet at the wetlands

Remember when you were a child playing in the wet soils in your backgrounds, with fine sands and soil take off your shoes and soak your feet then feel the relaxation of the wetlands.

How to go to Gaomei Wetlands?
Take TRA train to Qingshui Railway Station and take Jeya Bus to Gaomei until the last stop, walk 5-8minutes to the wetlands. Taxi are also abundant in the area, you may take one.

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