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Winbond Electronics Revenue Drops, Inventec Denies Employee Layoff

With a number of OFW migrant workers working for companies Winbond Electronics Corp and Inventec Solar Energy Corp have a current negative reports. Low revenue have been reported for Winbond and Inventec denies layoff of workers.

Winbond earnings fell;

Winbond Electronics Corporation reported that its revenue and earnings fell in the last quarter of last year due weakness of demands. A memory chip maker company, its DRAM and mobile memory products are still its biggest revenue with more half of its overall sales.

Its revenue fell by a large margin of 13% that is why the company now increase product competitiveness in its flash memory assembly. The company is currently developing 512 megabit medium-high-density product, 1.2-volt serial NOR flash and SLC NAND flash products which are used in PC, car, communications and others.

Inventec denies layoff of employees;

A solar cell manufacturer, Inventec Solar Energy Corp denied that it layoffs more than 100 employees. With some dispute of its employees to the company as it denies the allegation of laying off such number of employees. The company also faces oversupply in the current market.

The labor department of Taoyuan said that there were no large number of layoff in the company although they still continue to monitor the current situation of the company. Inventec Solar Energy Corp a production subsidiary of notebook laptop maker Inventec Corporation.

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